2012 Geo2YC Officer Elections

published May 23, 2012 9:31am

It's time to elect new officers for the Geo2YC Division to help lead the Division through the next year. This year, we have only one office to fill - Vice President. Information about the Candidate is below. The election begins May 23 and runs through June 23th.

When you are ready to cast your ballot, go to the NAGT Membership site at Allen Press - http://psfebus.allenpress.com/eBusNAGT/HOME.aspx. Once you've logged in, click on the Two-Year College Division Election link in the left menu.

Vice President Candidate

Merry Wilson

Merry Wilson, Education: BA. Geology Augustana College, MS. Geological Sciences, Arizona State University, Ed.D. Arizona State University. Teaching Experience: Adjunct Instructor Geology at Mesa Community College (00-02); Professor of Geology, Scottsdale Community College (03-present) ; Professional Experience: President NAGT Southwest Sec (05-11), Vice President NAGT Southwest Section (02, present)