Conducting GER Studies Across Institutions

Multi-institutional studies are important to improving the generalizability and strength of evidence of GER findings.

"Nearly every GER project that I have tackled over my career has involved a multi-institutional collaboration." Strength in Collaboration: Thoughts on Multi-Institution GER, Heather L Petcovic (Western Michigan University)

Finding Partners for Collaboration

Many geoscience education research questions are best addressed in teams. Finding collaborators is therefore an important and valuable part of the research process.

Facilitating Collaborative Work

Project management for multi-institutional GER studies requires skilled facilitators, common IRB guidelines, and technical support for data collection and analysis.


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Special thanks to Andrea Bair, Kim Cheek, Carol Ormond, Michael Pelch, Katherine Ryker, and Ben Wolfe who were part of a working group that helped develop this section of the toolbox.

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