Navigating a Career in GER

This section of the Toolbox provides GER community members with reflections and advice on navigating a career in GER from participants in the 2016 GER workshop.

Multiple Paths to GER

There are multiple entry points to GER. Whether you come in via graduate training in GER, or are a "border crosser" motivated by scholarly approaches to your geoscience teaching and learning, transitioning into a new field of research means adjusting to new ways of thinking and a different professional culture.

Find the Path to Survive and Thrive in your Context

A successful and joyful career in GER depends on understanding the context in which you work, what you need to advance, and collegiality respect for your GER contributions.

Find Mentors and Support Systems

The value of mentors and having a support system as you explore and progress in a GER career can not be underestimated.

Cultivate Your Intrinsic Motivation

Keeping a sense of mission is important to maintain in your career. Here geoscience education researchers reflect on professional activities that bring them joy, the need for patience when initiating change, and the value community in their GER career.


Special thanks to Peter Anderson, Mary Bales, Mary Beck, Nievita Bueno Watts, Anthony Feig, Lindsay Maudlin, Victor Ricchezza, and Eric Riggs who were part of a working group that helped develop this section of the toolbox.

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