Essentials of Oceanography 10th Edition

published Jun 11, 2010 4:42pm

Alan P. Trujillo and Harold V. Thurman
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Essentials of Ocenaography
The best-selling oceanography textbook Essentials of Oceanography by Trujillo and Thurman has been recently revised and is now available. Features new to the 10th edition include:

  • An improved illustration package of new photos, satellite images and figures to make oceanographic topics more accessible and interesting.
  • A new chapter on The Oceans and Climate Change (Chapter 16), which presents some of the latest scientific findings about human-caused climate change and how it is already impacting the ocean.
  • A suite of 45 geoscience animations (seven of them new in this edition) that show oceanographic processes in action to better help students grasp difficult-to-understand concepts.
  • An extensive collection of links to some of the best short oceanographic videos on the Web.
  • An eye-catching design of the text that includes high-quality images, graphs, and tables; feature boxes; key concepts; and "Students Sometimes Ask..." questions, which contain actual student questions along with the author's answers.
  • An updated Online Study Guide that features online testing modules including assessments for the geoscience animations.

Essentials of Oceanography has greatly benefited from being thoroughly reviewed by hundreds of students who made numerous suggestions for improvement. A few comments about the book by former students include, "I really enjoyed the textbook we read as part of the class. As a student, I found it not only easier to read but also a lot more informative than other textbooks. The authors of the book seemed to have a lot more human qualities about them than the authors of other textbooks I've read. This makes reading Essentials of Oceanography entertaining at times." and "What I really liked about the book is that it's a welcoming textbook—open and airy. You could almost read it at bedtime like a story because of all the interesting pictures."

Essentials of Oceanography has also been reviewed in detail by a host of instructors from leading institutions across the country. As one reviewer of the ninth edition remarked, "The textbook does an outstanding job of distilling down complicated topics in astronomy, geology, chemistry, and physics, all of which are incorporated in the field of oceanography, that are easily understandable by students taking an introductory course in the subject. Even for those who do not have a strong science background, the plentiful figures present each topic very clearly."

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