Educators Sought to Help Shape Digital Library Project on Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness!

published Jun 11, 2010 4:42pm

You are invited to apply to serve as a consultant to an NSF-funded climate education project. Teachers and faculty who are selected to be in the consultant network will receive $225 for their participation.

Whether you are interested in participating in our consultant network or not, we ask for about 5 minutes of your time. Your responses will help us better support teachers and college instructors who teach about climate science and energy awareness. Click this link to access the application form:

Through funding from the National Science Foundation, the Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) Pathway project ( is assembling, reviewing, and annotating a substantial collection of online resources that will be aligned with science education benchmarks and standards. The collection entries will be scientifically and pedagogically sound so that secondary teachers and college/university instructors, their students, and the general citizenry may strengthen their knowledge of climate science and its impact on society. The resources will also enable users to make informed decisions about energy use and the stewardship of the planet. (For further information on the foundations of and supports for CLEAN, see: Climate Literacy Network ( and Climate Literacy: Essential Principles of Climate Science (

An important part of this project is to identify the needs and "best practices" of educators related to climate science and energy topics. To do this, we are establishing a consultant network of teachers and college/university instructors.

Inverness Research (, a national research and evaluation group, is managing this effort. Inverness Research is assembling a consultant network of 100-200 teachers and instructors of grades 6-16 to inform the project and gauge its reach and utility over time. Participants in this consultant network will be representative of teachers and instructors nationwide (by geographic location, subjects taught, experience levels, etc.) who have an interest in teaching about climate science and energy awareness.

The study will last approximately three years. It will take about one to two hours per year for an individual to participate in the consultant network; this will be primarily in the form of completing a survey and/or participating in a short telephone interview. Teachers and faculty who are selected to be in the consultant network will receive a total of $225 for their participation. All data collected from the network will be aggregated and the information will be used in such a way that the identity of participants will be protected.

Applicants who meet the study criteria will be selected and sent a follow-up invitation to participate in the study as well as more information about the program. Please feel free to share this opportunity with colleagues who might be interested.

Click this link to complete the application form:

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact:

Dr. Jenifer V. Helms
Senior Research Associate
Inverness Research
556 Clayton Street
Denver, Colorado 80206
cell: 303.888.0432
home office: 303.333.2701
fax: 303.355.5235