Overview of Learning And Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI)

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The LASSI is a 10-scale, 80-item assessment of students' awareness about and use of learning and study strategies related to skill, will and self-regulation components of strategic learning. The focus is on both covert and overt thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and beliefs that relate to successful learning and that can be altered through educational interventions. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that these factors contribute significantly to success in college and that they can be learned or enhanced through educational interventions such as learning and study skills courses. The LASSI was developed at the University of Texas at Austin by Claire E. Weinstein, Ph.D., Ann C. Schulte, Ph.D., and David R. Palmer, Ph.D.

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Subject: Education
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Research on Learning: Affective Domain:Student Attitudes, Self-Efficacy, Cognitive Domain:Metacognition, How information is organized, Affective Domain:Student Motivation