Subject 1999 - 2010 : Women and minorities

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The Fisk-Vanderbilt masters-to-PhD bridge program: a model for broadening participation of underrepresented groups in the physical science through effective partnerships with minority-serving institutionsStassun, K.G.58135-144
Science in the mountains: A unique research experience to enhance diversity in the geosciencesHallar, A.G. & others5895-100
Increasing diversity in the geosciences: Recruitment programs and student self-efficacyBaber, L.D. & others5832-42
To attract, engage, mentor, and sustain: Outcomes from Minority Students Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success (MSPHDs) in Earth System Science pilot projectPyrtle, A.J. and Williamson Whitney, V.A.5624-32
How gender and race of geologists are portrayed in physical geology textbooksMattox, S. and others56156-159
Geology, resources and environment of Latin America: Incorporating Earth systems science education in an undergraduate science service course intended for Hispanic students Pujana, I., Stern, R.J., and Ledbetter, C. 54 357-363
Development of an Earth and space-science-focussed education program at Howard University Misra, P., Carruthers, G., & Jenkins, G.S. 54 339-345
Developing an archetype for integrating native Hawaiian traditional knowledge with Earth system science education Gibson, B.A. & Puniwai, N. 54 287-294
Broadening participation in the Earth and space science Riggs, E. & Alexander 54 90
Sense of place and place-based introductory geoscience teaching for American Indian and Alaska native undergraduates Semken, S 53 149-157
A data-intensive approach to studying climate and climate change in Africa Furman, T., and Merritt, E 48 464-468