Subject 1999 - 2010 : Volcanoes and volcanism

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
The InVest volcanic concept survey: Exploring student understanding about volcanoesParham, T.L. Jr. & others58177-187
Stimulating social and political influences on hazard analysis through a classroom role-playing exerciseHales, T.C. and Cashman, K.V.5654-60
Fudge factors in crystallization, rheology and morphology of basalt lava flowsRust, A.C. and others5673-80
Cover photograph of Portage Lake Volcanics on Isle Royal National Park, MI Anonymous56373-374
Active learning strategies for constructing knowledge of viscosity controls on lava-flow emplacement, textures and volcanic hazards B. Edwards, Teasdale, R., & Myers, J.D. 54 603-609
Volcanoesin the classroom: A simulation of an eruption Harpp, K.S., Koleszar, A.M., and Geist, D.J 53 173-175
A field-oriented volcanology course to improve Earth-science teaching Mattox, S.R., and Babb, J.L 52 122-127
Cover photograph of hot pahoehoe lava Anonymou 51 281
Computational geology 24: Patterns, dimensions and viscosity Vacher, H. 51 262-267
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Confusion about gra pressure changes in viscous magma Wampler, J.M 50 466-465
Simulating a volcanic crisis in the classroom Harpp, K.S. and Sweeney, W.J 50 410-418
A modified jigsay-type exercise for studying volcanic landforms Whittecar, G.R 48 578
Stimulating magma plumes Pronk, T.G 48 577
Teaching the basics about volcanoes to K-16 students Mattox, S.R 48 576
The spirit of the volcano Colson, M., and Colson, R 48 574
Vesuvius Picard, M.D 48 533-540
In Iceland Picard, M.D 48 362-369
Visit to a spreading center Picard, M.D 48 222-228
Dark grains of sand on fire-plume lands Picard, M.D 48 64-69
An interactive, process-oriented geoscience exhibition Hodder, P.W. and Otrel-Case, K 48 46-56
Something remembered from the big island Picard, M.D. 47 483-486
A digital tectonic activity map of the earth Lowman, P., Masuoka, P., Montgomery, B., Yates, J., O'Leary, J., & Salisbury, D. 47 428-437
Using a decision-assessment matrix in volcanic-hazard management Hodder, A.P. 47 350-356
An exercise in forecasting the next Mauna Loa eruption Mattox, S.R. 47 255-260
Connecting geology, history, and the classics through a course in geomythology Tepper, J.H. 47 221-226
The excitement of contemporary geology (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 2