Subject 1999 - 2010 : Structural geology

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Characterizing and improving spatial visualization skillsTitus, S. & Horsman, E.57242-254
Cover photographs and diagrams of dipping strata and their surface expression at Cloggerhead, north of Dublin, IrelandStreyer, H.P., and Schopfer, M. 56109-110
A Matlab script for visualizing structure contours and outcrop patterns in three dimensionsSchopfer, M.P.J.56142-148
The Dry-Erase Cube: Making three-dimensional visualization easyKuiper,Y.D..56261-268
Watch faults grow before your very eyes in a deformational sandboxDel Castello, M. and Cooke, M. 56323-324
Campus landscaping by constructing mock geologic outcrops Matty, D.J. 54 445-451
Artificial outcrops give real experience in interpreting a geologic history: The CMUland group project for historical-geology courses Benison, K.C 53 501-507
The three-point problem, vector analysis and extension to the N-point problem Fienen, M.N 53 257-262
A simple paper model of a transform fault at a spreading ridge Earle, S 52 391-392
A simple and effective tool for teaching the concept of strike and dip and the measurement of structural data in the field Gonzales, D.A 52 274-276
Using concept maps to plan an introductory structural geology course Clark, I.F. and James P.R 52 224-230
A simple experiment to demonstrate overpressured fluids and soft-sediment deformation Peacock, D.C.P 51 410-414
Geoscape: An instructional rock garden for inquiry-based cooperative learning exercises in introductory geology courses Calderone, G.C., Thompson, J.R., Johnson, W.M., Kadel, S.D., Nelson, P.J., Hall-Wallace, M., and Butler, R.F 51 171-176
Indoor field study for structural geology course Greenberg, J.K 50 575-582
A Visual BASIC 6 program that facilitates learning the characteristics of simple and pure shear through experimentation Girty, G.H., Reish, N., Baroek, P., Heitman, B., Randall, K., Lilly, D.R., & Lynch, C 50 559-565
Reconstruction/interpretation of macroscopic structures from discontinuous mesoscopic observations: A major task of field/structural geologists Marques, F.O 50 247-265
Food for thought Pumpelly, R 50 149
Developing successful learning strategies in structural geology Caprariis, P.P.d 50 145-149
Hands-on exercise in environmental structural geology using a fracture block model Gates, A.E 49 443-449
Computational geology 14: The vector cross product and the three point problem. Vacher, H.L 49 72-82
Assessing fault reactivation with the ReActiva program Alaniz-Alvarez, S.A., Tolson, G., and Nieto-Samaniego, A.F 48 651-657
Cover photograph of Waterpocket Fold, Utah Kresan, D 48 561
Computational geology 12Vacher, H.L.48522-532