Subject 1999 - 2010 : Stratigraphy, paleogeography, paleoecology, historical geology

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Evaluating and communicating geologic reasoning with semiotics and certainty estimationParcell, W.C. & Parcell, L.M.57379-389
Commentary: Darwin at 200Brandt, D.5794-95
Cover photograph of the Grand Canyon from the South RimAnonymous56293-294
Using foraminifera to teach paleoenvironmental interpretation and geoarchaeology: A case study from Folly Island, South Carolinga Hippensteel, S.P. 54 526-531
Campus landscaping by constructing mock geologic outcrops Matty, D.J. 54 445-451
Uses of Zeno's Achilles paradox in historical geology Rossbach, T.J. 54 5-9
The vale of reservoir-bottom field trips for undergraduate geology courses Ambers, R.K.R 53 508-512
Artificial outcrops give real experience in interpreting a geologic history: The CMUland group project for historical-geology courses Benison, K.C 53 501-507
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
Cover photograph of Window Rock (AZ) Semken, S 53 "145, 147"
A student-centered project of Earth-system history Teed, R 53 96-100
Teacher workshops using geoantiquities: Case history of modern Great Salt Lake and Pleistocene Lake Bonneville shorelines, Utah Atwood, G., Felton, A. and Chan, M.A 52 438-444
Cover photograph of cyclic limestone strata Anonymous 51 461
Combining a historical geology project with a campus student organization