Subject 1999 - 2010 : Plate tectonics

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Using a historical controversy to teach critical thinking: The meaning of "theory", and the status of scientific knowledgeMontgomery, K.57214-221
Reading and writing taught in a sophomore course on plate tectonics Bank, C.-G. 54 25-30
Visual abilities and misconceptions about plate tectonics Sibley, D.F 53 471-477
The effects of different learning tasks on model building in plate tectonics: Diagramming versus explaining Gobert, J.D 53 444-455
A data-rich exercise for discovering plate-boundary processes Sawyer, D.S., Henning, A.T., Shipp, S., and Dunbar, R.W 53 65-74
A simple paper model of a transform fault at a spreading ridge Earle, S 52 391-392
Magnetism, the Earth as a magnet, and seafloor banding - How much magnetism is enough McKenney, R. and Webster, J 52 352-362
Atlantis - An exercise in the application of earth science to a critical examination of a psuedoscience hypothesis Earle, S.Project 51 290-293
Use of the lava lamp as an analogy in the geoscience classroom Tolley, S.G. and Richmond, S.D 51 217-220
Studying earthquakes, while also learning about data and visualization Wells, N.A 50 271-286
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Barriers to understanding convection in solid materials Wampler, J.M 50 218-219
The STRATegy column for precollege teachers - Thinking about computer-based learning Kusnick, J 49 314-317
Using space shuttle photographs to teach plate tectonics Reese, J.F 48 596-597
Hallway mapping of magnetic reversals Shaw, P.R 48 585
Stripes on the sea floor Richardson, R.M 48 575
Using linear regression to determine plate motions Hall-Wallace, M.K 48 455-458
The STRATegy column for precollege teachers - Looking for evidence of plate tectonics Kusnick, J. 47 490-491
Using analogies to teach plate-tectonic concepts Nottis, K.E.K. 47 449-454
A digital tectonic activity map of the earth Lowman, P., Masuoka, P., Montgomery, B., Yates, J., O'Leary, J., & Salisbury, D. 47 428-437
Playing Wegener in a mock world: A laboratory exercise for introductory earth-science classes Zaprowski, B.J. & Clyde, W.C. 47 336-340
Maps as educational tools (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 210
The excitement of contemporary geology (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 2