Subject 1999 - 2010 : Petrology

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Application of tablet PCs to lecture demonstrations on optical mineralogHoisch, T.D. & others58221-231
Barriers to college students learning how rocks formKortz, K.M. & Murray, D.P.57300-315
Geologic problem solving in the field: Analylsis of field navigation and mapping by advanced undergraduatesRiggs, E.M. and others5748-63
An online social networking approach to reinforce learning of rocks and mineralsKennelly, P.J.5733-40
Investigating the sedimentary history of a pond during a multi-week laboratory projectDiemer, J.A. and Bobyarchick5615-23
Using a modified Hele-Shaw cell to understand the layering of strataWallace, P. and others56172-178
Cover photograph of deformed Ordovician marble on Mt. Harrison, IdahoBarson, B.56197-198
Laboratory apparatus for the demonstration of quicksand Nicholl, M.J. and Karnowski, M. 54 578-583
Analogue model for the gravity sliding of sediments Peacock, D.C.P. 54 550-554
Fourth-grade students explore natural sand towers through evidence, models, and explanations Rule, A.C., Kauffman, C., & Bennett, J. 54 508-514
Studio classrooms and student-centered learning in traditional microscopy courses King, E.M. 54 476-479
Cover photograph of lower Paleozoic migmatite, Finland Greenberg, J.K. 54 441-442
Integrating undergraduate education and scientific discovery through field research in igneous petrology Gonzales, D. & Semken, S. 54 133-142
Using grain-size analysis as the basis for a research project in an undergraduate sedimentology course Davies-vollum, K.S. 54 10-17
Using humorous cartoons to teach mineral and rock concepts in sixth-grade science class Rule, A.C. and Auge, J 53 548-558
The vale of reservoir-bottom field trips for undergraduate geology courses Ambers, R.K.R 53 508-512
An indoor shopping-mall building-stone investigation with handheld technology for introductory geoscience students Guertin, L.A 53 253-256
Computational geology 29: Quantitative literacy: Spreadsheets, range charts and triangular plots Vacher, H.L 53 219-228
Cover photograph of Window Rock (AZ) Semken, S 53 "145, 147"
Combining stream-table experiments, high-tech particle analysis, and the Web to help geomorphology students evaluate landform evolution Clark, D.H. and Linneman, S.R 53 110-115
The case for a cooperative studio classroom: Teaching petrology in a different way Perkins, D 53 101-109
Cover photograph of stream-table delta (see article on p. 110-115) Clark, D.H. and Linneman, S.R 53 1
Cover photograph of of outdoor rock displays, Ft. Wayne IN Anonymou 52 "401, 403"
The viscosities of foods as analogs for silicate melts Baker, D.R., Dalpe, C., and Poirier, G 52 363-367
Bringing the field into the classroom by using dynamic digital maps to engage undergraduate students in petrology research Boundy, T.M. and Condit, C 52 313-319
Teaching metastability in petrology using a guided reading from the primary literature Peck, W.H 52 284-288
Incorporating GPS technology with a campus geology walking tour Weiss, D.J. and Walters, J.C 52 186-190
Cover photomicrograph of a single crystal of olivine Gunter, M 52 "1, 3"
Once more to the lake Picard, M.D 51 453-455
Design and assessment of an interactive digital tutorial for undergraduate-level sandstone petrology Milliken, K.L., Barufaldi, J.P., McBride, E.F., and Choh, S.-J 51 381-386
Sixth gradersÕ®s crust Kali, Y 51 165-170
Building stones as resources for student research Wetzel, L.R 50 404-409
Building conceptual understanding in young scientists Hawley, D 50 363-371
Computational geology 20: Rocks at the intersection Vacher, H.L 50 201-208
Mr. Chalkentalk's cupboard - Practical lessons for preservice teachers in rock and mineral identification and the management of teaching collections Ebert, J.R. and Elliott, N.A 50 182-185
Computational geology 19: Classification and the combination of sets Vacher, H.L 50 89-99
Growing pebbles and conceptual prisms - Understanding the source of student misconceptions about rock formation Kusnick, J 50 31-39
Cover photograph of Wisconsin River deltaic complex Fonstad, M. and Fonstad, T 50 "1, 3"
Journey to Tok Picard, M.D 49 480-487
Otters, and Orcas, glaciers and gold Picard, M.D 49 322-328
Magma ascent rates from mineral reaction rims and extension to teaching about volcanic hazards Farver, J.R. and Brabander, D.J 49 140-145
Thin-section grain location marking Brice, W.R 49 64-65
The inspiration to study clay Rule, A.C 49 56-53
Making mudcracks Pestrong, R 48 577
Igneous-rock classification in a large introductory geology course Niemitz, J.W 48 574
Urban outcrops and the lunchtime petrology field trip Hoskin, W.O 48 573
Demonstrating folds in metamorphic rocks Pronk, T.G 48 573
Rocks before terms and tables