Subject 1999 - 2010 : Paleontology

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Design and assessment of an introductory geomicrobiology course of non-geology majorsHernandez-Machado, B. & Casillas-Martinez, L.5723-32
Earth science teachers' perceptions of an autonomous fieldwork assignment in a nationwide paleontology courseClary, R.M. and Wandersee, J.H. 56149-155
Using foraminifera to teach paleoenvironmental interpretation and geoarchaeology: A case study from Folly Island, South Carolinga Hippensteel, S.P. 54 526-531
Uses of Zeno's Achilles paradox in historical geology Rossbach, T.J. 54 5-9
Artificial outcrops give real experience in interpreting a geologic history: The CMUland group project for historical-geology courses Benison, K.C 53 501-507
Paleontological sonification: Letting music bring fossils to your ears Ekdale, A.A. and Tripp, A.C 53 271-280
Models of inquiry - based science outreach to urban schools Harnik, P.G. and Ross, R.M 52 420-428
A problematic fossil bring paleontology to the classroom and the world Sande, A.B., Chiment, J.J., Allmon, W.D., and Rigby, J.K 51 361-364
A paleontology network inquiry consortium: Impact on teachers Marlow,M.P.,Wright, J.L., and Hand, J.D 51 317-321
The Big Pig Dig: Integrating paleontological research and visitor education at Badlands National Park, South Dakota Benton, R 51 313-316
The evolution of an undergraduate service course - How to cope with success of an age of dinosaurs class Montgomery, H 51 299-303
Assessing data accuracy when involving students in authentic paleontological research Harnik, P.G. and Ross, R.M 51 76-84
A model for integrating the public into scientific research Barreto, C., Fastovsky, D.E., and Sheehan, P.M 51 71-75
The Mastodon Matrix Project: An experiment with large-scale public collaboration in paleontological research Ross, R.M., Harnik, P.G., Allmon, W.D., Sherpa, J.M., Goldman, A.M., Nester, P.L., and Chiment, J.J 51 39-47
Moonsnail project: A scientific collaboration with middle-school teachers and students Hansen, T.A., Kelley, P.H., and Hall, J.C 51 35-38
Cover photograph of belemnoid rostrum O'Neill, B.R.& Manger, W.L 50 "493, 495"
Have you read?: Defining science through evolution and the fossil record Chamot, J 50 100-101
Debating whether dinosaurs should be cloned from ancient DNA to promote cooperative learning in an introductory evolution course Soja, C.M. and Huerta, D 49 150-157
An interactive game approach to learning in historical geology and paleontology Reuss, R.L. and Gardulski, A.F 49 120-129
Footprints as inquiry-based learning tools Messina, P 48 667-672
A service-learning component in a paleontology course as a model for community outreach by geology students Domack, C.W 48 658-661
Food for thought Gee, H 48 650
Cartoon on dinosaurs Fischman, S 48 616
Analyzing fossil morphology