Subject 1999 - 2010 : Mineralogy and crystallography

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Application of tablet PCs to lecture demonstrations on optical mineralogHoisch, T.D. & others58221-231
Using high-precision specific-gravity measurements to study minerals in undergraduate geoscience coursesBrandriss, M.E.58155-165
An online social networking approach to reinforce learning of rocks and mineralsKennelly, P.J.5733-40
Teaching rocks and minerals in a hands-on lab: A teaching and learning experience for pre-credential undergraduates at CSU ChicoTeasdale, R. and others56401-407
Using humorous cartoons to teach mineral and rock concepts in sixth-grade science class Rule, A.C. and Auge, J 53 548-558
A Web resource for the study of alkali feldspars and perthitic textures using light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy Argast, A. and Tennis, C.F.II 52 213-217
Mineral museums as science partners in teaching mineral sciences Pop, D., Horak, J., and Hurlbut, J.F 52 87-96
Teaching mineralogy from the core to the crust Dutrow, B.L 52 81-86
Using the American Mineralogist crystal-structure database in the classroom Downs, R.T 52 76-80
Using inquiry-based methodologies to ease the pain of learning mineral formulae and analytical techniques Wulff, A.H 52 69-75
Optical mineralogy in a modern Earth sciences curriculum Reinhardt, J 52 60-67
Laboratory and homework exercises in the geochemical kinetics of mineral-water reaction: Rate law, Arrhenius activation energy, and the rate-determining step in the dissolution of halite Velbel, M.A 52 52-59
Teaching process mineralogy in Australia Vaughan, J., Davidson, L., Nemchin, A., and Quinton, S 52 45-51
The polrized-light microscope: Should we teach the use of a 19th-century insturment in the 21st century? Gunter, M.E 52 33-44
Integration of new methods into teaching mineralogy Dyar, M.D., Gunter, M.E., Davis, J.C., and Odell, M.R.L 52 23-30
A strategy for teaching an effective undergraduate mineralogy course Swope, R.J. and Giere, R 52 15-22
Using poetry to teach about minerals in earth-science class Rule, A.C., Carnicelli, L.A., and Kane, S.S 52 10-14
characterization and identification of mineral unknowns: A mineralogy term project Moecher, D. 52 5-9
Crystallography in the classroom: Modeling silicates without silicate models Ponomarenko, A 52 31-33
Cover photomicrograph of a single crystal of olivine Gunter, M 52 "1, 3 "
The rhyming peg mnemonic device applied to learning the Mohs scale of hardness Rule, A.C 51 465-473
Jade hunting on the Sweetwater Picard, M.D 51 140-143
Discovering minerals (for Craig Sanders) Picard, M.D 50 626-630
Call for papers for session on Teaching mineral science in the 21st century at 18th General Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association Drummond, C.N 50 490
Searching for gilsonite when I was young Picard, M.D 50 471-474
Iceland spar: The Helgustadir calcite locality and its influence on the development of science Kristjansson, L 50 419-427
Building stones as resources for student research Wetzel, L.R 50 404-409
Learning activities for an undergraduate mineralogy/petrology course - I am/we are Goodell, P.C 49 370-377
X-ray diffraction simulation using laser pointers and printers Johnson, N.E 49 346-350
Student performance (Letter) Tettenhorst, R.T 48 544-545
Minerals and the visual arts Leo, R.F 48 317-320
Scientific illustration techniques and handmade mineral paints fo geoscience classes. Moore, L.B 48 300-303 359
Classroom index-card simulations of crystal growth Velbel, M.A 48 261-266