Subject 1999 - 2010 : Meteorology (climate, paleoclimatology)

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Climate Change in the Classroom: Patterns, Motivations, and Barriers to Instruction Among Colorado Science TeachersWise, S.B.58297-309
Linking Physical Geography Education and Research Through the Development of an Environmental Sensing Network and Project-Based LearningRoberts, D. & others58262-274
GPS: Geoscience Partnership StudySchuster, D.58232-240
Science in the mountains: A unique research experience to enhance diversity in the geosciencesHallar, A.G. & others5895-100
Teaching urban high-school students global climate change information and graph interpretation skills using evidence from the scientific literatureRule, A.C. and Meyer, M.A.57335-347
What undergraduates think about clouds and fogRapport, E.D.57145-151
Engaging students in atmospheric science: A university-high school collaboration in British Columbia, CanadaSinclair, K.E. & Marshall, S.J.57128-136
Secondary students' subject matter representations of climate changeSchuster, D.A. and others56307-316
Learning through movie production with the MovieclassroomUrbano, L.D. and Urbano, L.C.56334-341
The Earth's record of climate: A focused-topic introductory courseTheissen, K.M 56342-353
Weather and climate course design for education majors with and without science majorsKovacs, T.A.56440-444
Evaluation of the impact of the NWC REU Program compared with other undergraduate research experiences Gonzalez-Espada, W.J. & LaDue, D.S. 54 541-549
Misconceptions about the greenhouse effect Gautier, C., Deutsch, K., & Rebich, S. 54 386-395
Project-based learning, surface energy balance, and establishment of a ndw undergraduate weather station Baker, R.D. 54 320-328
The use of Haiku and portfolio entry to teach the change of seasons Bogina, M.A. and Roberts, B.R 53 559-562
Teacher/scientist partnership develops a simulated natural-disaster scenario to enhance student learning Wurstner, S., Herr, C., Andrews, G., and Alley, K.F 53 522-530
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
A preliminary study of students' asking quantitative scientific questions for inquiry-based model experiments Gautier, C. and Solomon, R 53 432-443
Concept mapping to reveal prior knowledge and conceptual change in a mock summit course on global climate change Rebich, S. and Gautier, C 53 355-365
Web resources for the seasons Francek, M., Malone, V., and Dodes, C 53 217-218
Cover photograph of Window Rock (AZ) Semken, S 53 "145, 147"
An investigation of student engagement in a global-warming debate Schweizer, D.M. and Kelly, G.J 53 75-84
The use of a mock environment summit to support learning about global climate change Gautier, C., and Rebich, S 53 5-16
Investigating the urban heat island effect with a collaborative inquiry project George, L.A. and Becker, W.G 51 237-243
Introducing high-tech and low-tech geoscience-related technology to disadvantaged schools in the tropical Pacific Gibson, B.A., Postawko, S.E., Ensworth, J.D., Morrissey, M., Wurman, Jl.A., and Ellis, S.G 51 201-204
Using earth-science research projects to develop collaboration between scientists at a research university and K-12 educators: Insights for future efforts Gosselin, D.C., Levy, R.H., and Bonnstetter, R.J 51 114-120
Developing meaningful student-teacher-scientist partnerships Ledley, T.S., Haddad, N., Lockwood, J., and Brooks, D 51 91-95
Examining long-term global climate change on the Web Huntoon, J.E., & Ridky, R.K 50 497-514
Web resources: Weather on the Web Francek, M 50 469-474
A student-centered field project comparing NEXRAD and rain gauge precipitation values in mountainous terrain Woltemade, C.J. and Stanitski-Martin, D 50 296-302
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Barriers to understanding convection in solid materials Wampler, J.M 50 218-219
Immanence and configuration: Assessing proxies of climate change (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 117-118
The STRATegy Column for precollege teachers: Hurricanes and energy Kusnick, J 48 706-707
Visualizing the Coriolis effect