Subject 1999 - 2010 : Marine geology and oceanography

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Using a historical controversy to teach critical thinking: The meaning of "theory", and the status of scientific knowledgeMontgomery, K.57214-221
Design and assessment of an introductory geomicrobiology course of non-geology majorsHernandez-Machado, B. & Casillas-Martinez, L.5723-32
To attract, engage, mentor, and sustain: Outcomes from the Minority Students Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success (MSPHDs) in Earth System Science Pilot ProjectPyrtle, A.J. and Williamson Whitney, V.A. 5624-32
Earth data, science writing and peer review in a large general-education oceanography classProthero, W.A. Jr. and Kelly, G.J. 5661-72
The effect of using inquiry and multiple representations on introductory geology students' conceptual model development of coastal eutrophicationMcNeal, K.S. and others56201-211
Synthesizing process and pedagogy in the development of a field marine science course for K-8 teachersSchwimmer, R.A. and Hester, P.R.56399-400
Students' conceptual understandings of science after participating in a high-school marine-science course Lambert, J 53 531-539
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
Designing undergraduate research experiences for nontraditional student learning at sea Gawel, J.E., and Greengrove, C.L 53 31-36
Maintaining a small-group discussion focus while bringing international issues into the large classroom Rice-Snow, S. and Fluegeman, R.H 52 260-265
On the practical aspects of incorporating field-based projects into introductory oceanography Reynolds, R.W 52 218-223
Increasing diversity in the marine sciences through the minorities in marine scieence undergraduate program Bingham, B.L., Sulkin, S.D., Strom S., and Muller-Parker, G 51 474-480
Use of the lava lamp as an analogy in the geoscience classroom Tolley, S.G. and Richmond, S.D 51 217-220
Moonsnail project: A scientific collaboration with middle-school teachers and students Hansen, T.A., Kelley, P.H., and Hall, J.C 51 35-38
Using online homework to engage students in a geoscience course for general education Grove, K 50 566-574
Introducing problem formulation and spatial analysis with an example in global warming and sea level rise Orndorff, R.L 50 357-362
Transferable elements of the education program Sea Semester McClennen, C.E. and Meyer, A.W 50 266-270
Cover photograph of SEA Semester students on the deck of Westward McClennen, C.E. and Meyer, A.W 50 "237, 239"
Developing a teaching assistant preparation program in the School of Oceanography, University of Washington McManus, D.A 50 158-168
Applying argumentation analysis to assess the quality of university oceanography students' scientific writing Takao, A.Y., Prothero, W.A. and Kelly, G.J 50 40-48
Using quasi real-time data from the World -Wide Web McManus, D.A 48 597-598
An ocean-density demonstration