Subject 1999 - 2010 : History and philosophy of science

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Perceptions of the Nature of Science by Geoscience Students Experiencing Two Different Courses of StudyNadelson, L.S. & Viskupic, K.58275-285
The [geo]scientific method: Hypothesis testing and proposal writing for studentsMarkley, M.J.58198-202
Strategies and rubrics for teaching chaos and complex systems theories as elaborating, self-organizing, and fractionating evolutionary systemsFichter, L.S., & others5868-85
Expanding evolutionary theory beyond Darwinism with elaborating, self-organizing, and fractionating complex evolutionary systemsFichter, L.S., & others5858-64
Editorial - Uncertainty is part of inquirySt. John, Kristin5851
Six syllabi from the early years of American geological education, 1817-1838Stearns, R.G. & Corgan, J.X.5821-31
Evaluating and communicating geologic reasoning with semiotics and certainty estimationParcell, W.C. & Parcell, L.M.57379-389
A cognitive framework for reasoning with scientific modelsSibley, D.F.57255-263
Using a historical controversy to teach critical thinking: The meaning of "theory", and the status of scientific knowledgeMontgomery, K.57214-221
Science as storytelling for teaching the nature of science and the science-religion interfaceBickmore, B.R. & others57178-190
Commentary: On teaching the nature of science and the science-religion interfaceBickmore, B.R. & others57168-177
Commentary: Darwin at 200Brandt, D.5794-95
Rise and fall of geology in 19th century American secondary schools: History and textbook reviewsCorgan, J.X. and Stearns, R.G.5633-53
Causality in complex dynamic systems: A challenge to Earth Systems science educationRaia, F.5681-94
Computational geology 30: Archimedes' bath - A better story Vacher, H.L 53 334-338
Siccar Point and teaching the history of geology Montgomery, K 51 500-505
Sir William Dawson: Early contributions to carbonate petrology Middleton, G.V 51 322-324
Project Atlantis - An exercise in the application of earth science to a critical examination of a psuedoscience hypothesis Earle, S 51 290-293
Revising geology labs to explicitly use the scientific method Hannula, K.A 51 194-200
Iceland spar: The Helgustadir calcite locality and its influence on the development of science Kristjansson, L 50 419-427
Research methodologies in science educastion: Students' ideas about the nature of science Kurdziel, J.P. and Libarkin, J.C 50 322-329
Food for thought Pace, N.R 50 144
Religion as belief versus religion as fact Dutch, S.I 50 137-144
Intelligent design and the future of science education (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 134
Food for thought Wilson, E.O 50 118
Journey to Davos and John Muir's last journey Picard, M.D 50 102-110
Food for thought Gilbert, G.K 50 101
Have you read?: Defining science through evolution and the fossil record Chamot, J 50 100-101
Food for thought Anonymou 50 77
Food for thought Chamberlin, T.C 50 71
Active inquiry, web-based oceanography exercises Martin, E.E. and Howell, P.D 49 158-165
Active-learning methods to improve student performance and scientific interest in a large introductory oceanography course Yuretich, R.F., Khan, S.A., Leckie, R.M., and Clement, J.J. 49 111-119
Report of a workshop sponsored by NSF McManus, D.A. and Walker, S.H. 49 217
Food for thought Gee, H 48 650
Food for thought Weinberg, S 48 630
Food for thought Rowan-Robinson, M 48 557
Food for thought Lindley, D 48 486
Food for thought Shamos, M.H 48 468
Food for thought Gee, H 48 446
The continuing growth of irrationalism (Editorial) Shea, J.H 48 406
Have you Read? Science and religion wars Shea, J.H 48 389
Computational geology 11Vacher, H.L.48373-380