Subject 1999 - 2010 : Geoscience - general

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Linking Physical Geography Education and Research Through the Development of an Environmental Sensing Network and Project-Based LearningRoberts, D. & others58262-274
Editorial: what role do geoscientists play in societyLibarkin, J.C, & others581
Discovering minerals (for Craig Sanders) Picard, M.D 50 626-630
Searching for gilsonite when I was young Picard, M.D 50 471-474
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Misconceptions of thermal energy in real materials Wampler, J.M 50 342-344
Goodbye to all that Picard, M.D 50 330-338
Teaching on the edge of chaos (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 238
Journey to Davos and John Muir's last journey Picard, M.D 50 102-110
Rank distribution of 1997 geoscience-teaching faculty Ongley, L.K. 47 357-361