Subject 1999 - 2010 : Geophysics

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Earthquake emergency education in Dushanbe, TajikistanMohadjer, S. & others5886-94
Every equation tells a story: Using equation dictionaries in introductory geophysicsCaplan-Auerbach, J.57 348-355
Thai university students' prior knowledge about P-waves generated during particle motionRakkapao, S. & others57 286-299
Techniques for mapping theoretical shadow zones for direct P and S waves propagated as rays from an earthquake epicenter Kroll, R.L. & Dobosiewicz, J.F. 54 596-602
An on-campus well field for hydrogeophysics education and undergraduate research Day-Lewis, F.D., Gray, M.B., Garfield, R.L., & Day-Lewis, A.D. 54 480-486
Challenging students' ideas about Earth's interior structure using a model-based conceptual-change approach in a large-class setting Steer, D.N., Knight, C.C., Owens, K.D., and McConnell, D.A 53 415-421
Computational geology 28: Archimedean slices and the isostatic sphere Vacher, H.L 53 116-123
A data-rich exercise for discovering plate-boundary processes Sawyer, D.S., Henning, A.T., Shipp, S., and Dunbar, R.W 53 65-74
Computational geology 27: Logarithmic scales Vacher, H.L 52 481-489
Development of a low-cost, portable multi-channel seismic data-acquisition system for classroom experiments and independent studies Hornbach, M.J 52 386-390
Magnetism, the Earth as a magnet, and seafloor banding - How much magnetism is enough McKenney, R. and Webster, J 52 352-362
Introducing students to enviroenmental geophysics in a field setting May, M.T. and Gibbons, M.G 52 254-259
Teaching archeogeophysical survey and mapping any time of the year: An introductory course Barrett, L.R., Matney, T., and Park, L 52 236-244
Online near-real-time seismic system for the classroom Gerencher, J.J.Jr. and Sands, J.J 52 182-185
Service-learning practice in upper division geoscieence courses: Bridging undergraduate learning, teaching and research Liu, L., Philpotts, A.R., and Gray, N.H 52 172-177
Watershed-based integration of hydrology, geochemistry, and geophysics in an environmental curriculum Salvage, K., Graney, J., and Barker, J 52 141-148
Integrating investigation across the geology and physics curricula using the Cullowhee Creek Environmental Field Station, Western Carolina University Lord, M., Peterson, G., and Vandervoort, K 51 415-423
School yard seismology Husebye, E.S., Beketova, E.B., and Fedorenko, Y.V 51 329-335
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Misconceptions of energy release in earthquakes Wampler, J.M 50 620-623
Tabletop models for electrical and electromagnetic geophysics Young, C.T 50 594-601
An exercise in signal processing techniques Ananidou, T., Sarris, T.S., and Lerche, I 50 444-448
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Misconceptions of thermal energy in real materials Wampler, J.M 50 342-344
Studying earthquakes, while also learning about data and visualization Wells, N.A 50 271-286
An educational animation of the propagation of earthquake-generated seismic shear waves across the mantle Wysession, M.E. and Baker, S 50 186-194
Integrating geology and physics to enhance science learning experience of students and serve the community Revetta, F.A. and Das, 50 150-157
Misconceptions - Unnatural restrictions on the evaporation of water Wampler, J.M. 49 397-399
Earthquake! - A cooperative learning experience Hodder, P.W 49 280-285
Table-top earthquakes Lahr, J.C 48 594
Earthquakes and other disasters of the day Wallace, T.C.Jr., and Hall-Wallace, M.K 48 593-594
Explore the data first Peacock, S.M., and Reynolds, S.J 48 592
Geological hazard assessment of the home Stull, R.J 48 591-592
Hallway mapping of magnetic reversals Shaw, P.R 48 585
Visualizing the Coriolis effect