Subject 1999 - 2010 : Geology - general & history

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Using a historical controversy to teach critical thinking: The meaning of "theory", and the status of scientific knowledgeMontgomery, K.57214-221
Rise and fall of geology in 19th century American secondary schools: History and textbook reviewsCorgan, J.X. and Stearns, R.G.5633-53
Analysis of the Bachelor of Science in Geology as offered in the United StatesDrummond, C.N. and Markin, J.M. 56113-119
The geosciences as an employment opportunity (editorial) Drummond, C.N 53 486
The geology department, the administration, and the roots of failure and success (editorial) Drummond, C.N 53 146
Education, geoscience, and databases - the value of DLESE Carl N. Drummon 52 402
Once more to the lake Picard, M.D 51 453-455
Stone glacier Picard, M.D 51 268-271
Do we have a 20th or 21st century curriculum? (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 162
Jade hunting on the Sweetwater Picard, M.D 51 140-143
Journey to Tok Picard, M.D 49 480-487
Thin air Picard, M.D 49 384-385
Otters, and Orcas, glaciers and gold Picard, M.D 49 322-328
Geoscience research at liberal arts colleges: school rankings Robinson, M.D., Hartley, J.E., and Dunn, S.R 49 267-273
Ten common principles of geoscience departments - Part II (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 224
Have you read? Chamot, J.A 49 208
Connections - Early life and rocks Picard, M.D 49 187-189
Geology programs and disciplinary accreditation Corbett, R.G. and Corbett, E.A 49 130-134
Misconceptions - Problems caused by restrictive definitions of runoff Wampler, J.M 49 86-88
A late report on October Picard, M.D 49 83-85
Teaching the practice of geology and communication using John McPhee's books Lawrence, S.F., Lawrence, D.P., Neal, D.W 49 36-43
Vesuvius Picard, M.D 48 533-540
The mighty springs at Thermopolis Picard, M.D 48 692-700
In Iceland Picard, M.D 48 362-369
Visit to a spreading center Picard, M.D 48 222-228
Food for thought Frodeman, R 48 221
Teaching biostratigraphy Mann, K.O 48 184-198
Playing Wegener in a mock world: A laboratory exercise for introductory earth-science classes Zaprowski, B.J. & Clyde, W.C. 47 336-340
News from Capitol Hill: Geoscientists beyond the geosciences Anderson, K.S. 47 300-301
Suburban coyotes Picard, M.D. 47 272-273
News from Capitol Hill: Geoscientists beyond the geosciences Anderson, K.S. 47 201
The STRATegy column for precollege teachers: Teaching geoscience through literature Kusnick, J. 47 185-188
Journey to Normandy Picard, M.D. 47 177-181