Subject 1999 - 2010 : Geochronology

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Students' geocognition of deep time conceptualized in an informal educational settingClary, R.M. & others57275-285
Siphons, water clocks, cooling coffee, and leaking capacitors: Classroom activities and a few equations to help studens understand radioactive decay and other exponential processesBrady, J. B.57190-205
Teaching radioisotope dating using the geology of the Hawaiian IslandsClark, S.K.5799-100
Informal geoscience education on a grand scale: The trail of time exhibition at Grand CanyonKarlstrom, K. and others56354-361
Creation of a computer-modeling course for undergraduate Earth-science students Menking, K.M. 54 464-470
Students' beliefs about the role of atoms in radioactive decay and half-life Prather, E 53 345-354
A formative assessment of geologic time for high-school Earth science students Hermann, R. and Lewis, B 52 231-235
Computational geology 26: Mathematics of radioactivity - When the Earth got old Vacher, H.L 51 436-445
Combining a historical geology project with a campus student organization???s fund raising efforts Guertin, L.A. and Nguyen, C 51 378-380
Kennedy Science Research Institute Blackwell, B.A.B., Blickstein, J.I.B., Divak, M.N., and Skinner, A.R.The Robert F. 51 21-28
Understanding the origin and meaning of the radioactive-decay equation Huestis, S. 50 524-527
Misconceptions - Unnatural restrictions on the evaporation of water Wampler, J.M 49 397-399
Immanence and configuration: Patterns, processes, and the uniqueness of time (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 92-93
Food for thought McPhee, J 49 43
Creationism's propaganda assault on deep time Wise, D.U 49 30-35
Geologic time scales, maps and the chronoscalimeter Nieto-Obregon, J 49 25-29
Teaching the mathematics of radiometric dating Shea, J.H 49 22-24
Learning geologic time in the field Thomas, R.C 49 18-21
Regional geology as a unifying theme and springboard to deep time Miller, M.G 49 10-17
What is deep time and why should anyone care? Zen, E-A 49 5-9
Footprints as inquiry-based learning tools Messina, P 48 667-672
Significant figures, data quality, and a sense of time Richardson, R.M 48 597
Heads or tails