Subject 1999 - 2010 : Geochemistry

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Mineral identification by chemical testingBaskerville, S. and Evans W.56302-306
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
Enviromental process analysis, 2: Dynamic steady states Torgersen, T., Branco, B., and Bean, J 52 331-337
Environmental process analysis, 1: Residence time and first-order processes Torgersen, T., Branco, B., Bean, J., and Sytsma, R 52 324-330
The effects of course redesign on an upper-level geochemistry course Yuretich, R.F 52 277-283
Watershed-based integration of hydrology, geochemistry, and geophysics in an environmental curriculum Salvage, K., Graney, J., and Barker, J 52 141-148
Laboratory and homework exercises in the geochemical kinetics of mineral-water reaction: Rate law, Arrhenius activation energy, and the rate-determining step in the dissolution of halite Velbel, M.A 52 52-59
An interdisciplinary approach to teaching introductory chemistry to geology students Knapp, E.P., Desjardins, S.G. and Pleva, M.A 51 481-483
Testing the waters: Can you involve community action in your college curriculum? Knapp, E.P., Harbor, D.J., and Ginwalla, Z.F 51 294-298
Teaching chemical speciation to environmental chemists and geochemists usisng Enviroland Dunnivant, F.M., Danowski, D., Newman, M., Spano, T., & Frye, F 50 549-552
Understanding carbonate equilibria by measuring alkalinity in experimental and natural systems Anderson, C.B 50 389-403
Immanence and configuration: Global biogeochemical cycling of oxygen (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 501
Misconceptions-Consequences of ignoring the bonding of atoms in elemental substances Wampler, J.M 49 498-500
The problem of sample contamination in fluvial geochemistry research experience for undergraduates Andersen, C.B 49 351-357
Lithographic limestone as a teaching tool Morris, M., Morrison, D.L., and Rosenberg, G.D 48 329-332
A classification scheme for industrial minerals and rocks Smith, J.V. 47 438-442
Systems modeling of nonequilibrium chemical reactions using STELLA Levy, J. & Mayer, L. 47 413-419
Misconceptions - Erroneous statements about atomic mass Wampler, J.M. 47 387-390
A MATLAB 5 program for calculating the statistics of mass change Warren, H.N. & Girty, G.H. 47 313-320
Misconceptions - A column about errors in geoscience textbooks: Problematic descriptions of some chemical bonds Wampler, J.M. 47 275-277
A comprehensive stream study designed for an undergraduate non-majors course in earth science Dunnivant, F.M., Dunnivant, M.E., Newman, M.E., Brzenk, R., Moore, A., & Alfano, M.J. 47 158-165
Field research as a pedagogical tool for learning hydrogeochemistry and scientific-writing skills Carlson, C.A. 47 150-157