Subject 1999 - 2010 : Errata

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Assessing factors that influence the recruitment of majors from introductory geology classes at Northern Arizona University, erratum, v. 58, p. 166-176Hoisch, T.D. & Bowie, J.I.58252
Just-In-Time Teaching (JiTT) Improves Students' Performance In Classes - JiTT in Four Geography Classes, Erratum, v. 56, p. 166-171Luo, W.58252
Erratum for v. 51, p. 512-520 Kawula, J.D 52 97
Erratum Tolley, S.G. and Richmond, S.D 51 336
Errata: Computational geology 18: Definition and the concept of the set Vacher, H.L 50 465
A Matlab 5 program for calculating the statistics of mass change Warren, H.N. and Girty, G 48 109
A digital tectonic activity map of the earth Lowman, P. and other 48 109
Erratum, Cover caption (46, 420) Davis, L.E. 47 99