Subject 1999 - 2010 : Engineering and environmental geology

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Pitfalls and successes of developing an interdisciplinary watershed field science coursePearce, A.R. & others58145-154
Earthquake emergency education in Dushanbe, TajikistanMohadjer, S. & others5886-94
A values framework for students to develop thoughtful attitudes about citizenship and stewardshipLutz, T. & Srogi, L.5814-20
Editorial: what role do geoscientists play in societyLibarkin, J.C, & others581
Coupled collaborative in-class activities and individual follow-up homework promot interactive engagement and improve student learning outcomes in a college-level environmental-geology courseArthurs, L. & Templeton, A.57356-371
Fourth and fifth grade students learn about renewable and nonrenewable energy through inquiryFortner, S.K.57121-127
Integrative mapping of global-scale processes and patterns on "Imaginary Earth" continental geometries: A teaching tool in an Earth history courseSunderlin, D.5773-81
Using problem-based learning to bring the workplace into the classroomDadd, K.A.571-10
Investigating the sedimentary history of a pond during a multi-week laboratory projectDiemer, J.A. and Bobyarchick5615-23
Stimulating social and political influences on hazard analysis through a classroom role-playing exercisehales, T.C. and Cashman, K.V.5654-60
Requirements for a workable intern/practicum in the enivronmental sciences: Experience for careers and graduate schoolCutting, R.H. and Hall, J.C.56120-125
Environmental history of the Southwest as a general science education courseSheppard, P.R. and others56212-219
Helping students make the transition from novice learner of ground-water concepts to expert using the Plume Busters software Macfarlane, P.A., Bohling, G., Thompson, K.W., & Townsend, M. 54 610-619
Using student-managed projects to enhance the capstone experience Gomezdelcampo, E. 54 572-577
Dam fun: A scale-model classroom experiment for teaching basic concepts in hydrology and sedimentary geology Passey, B.H., Cerling, T.E., & Chan, M.A. 54 487-490
A solid-waste landfill-siting exercise for and introductory environmental geology course Swanson, S.K., Bahr, J.M., & Wilcox, J.D. 54 458-463
To what extent should human/environment interactions be included in science education Kastens, K.A. & Turrin, M. 54 422-436
Misconceptions about the greenhouse effect Gautier, C., Deutsch, K., & Rebich, S. 54 386-395
Geology, resources and environment of Latin America: Incorporating Earth systems science education in an undergraduate science service course intended for Hispanic students Pujana, I., Stern, R.J., and Ledbetter, C. 54 357-363
Project-based learning, surface energy balance, and establishment of a ndw undergraduate weather station Baker, R.D. 54 320-328
Using the campus nitrogen budget to teach about the nitrogen cycle Savanick, S. & Perry, J. 54 312-319
Teaching systems principles and policy applications using a reduced-scale carbon-cycle model for global warming Crawford-Brown, D. & LaRocca, S. 54 301-311
Using Web-based GIS for Earth and environmental systems Bodzin, A.M. & Anastasio, D. 54 295-300
Web resources on environmental geology Francek, M. & Brownstein, D. 54 179-181
Using environmental service learning in an urban environment to address water-quality issues Tedesco, L.P. & Salazar, K.A. 54 123-132
Integrating policy and land-management issues into a natural-sciences education: Teaching environmental sciences on the lower San Juan river, Utah Ort, M.H., Anderson, D.E., & Ostergren, D.M. 54 116-122
Teacher/scientist partnership develops a simulated natural-disaster scenario to enhance student learning Wurstner, S., Herr, C., Andrews, G., and Alley, K.F 53 522-530
Preparing geologists for careers in engineering geology and hydrogeology Santi, P.M. and Higgins, J.D 53 513-521
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
An investigation of student engagement in a global-warming debate Schweizer, D.M. and Kelly, G.J 53 75-84
Designing undergraduate research experiences for nontraditional student learning at sea Gawel, J.E., and Greengrove, C.L 53 31-36
The use of a mock environment summit to support learning about global climate change Gautier, C., and Rebich, S 53 5-16
A student-centered regional planning group activity for non-science majors Abolins, M 52 472-480
A student-centered regional planning group activity for non-science majors Abolins, M 52 472-480
Connecting urgan students with their rivers generates interest and skills in the geosciences O'Connell, S., Ortiz, J. and Morrison, J 52 462-471
Geoscience education for realtors, appraisers, home inspectors, and homeowners Nuhfer, E.B 52 453-461
Geoantiquities: Concepts and applications for education in the urban landscape Chan, M.A. and Godsey, H.S 52 445-452
Teacher workshops using geoantiquities: Case history of modern Great Salt Lake and Pleistocene Lake Bonneville shorelines, Utah Atwood, G., Felton, A. and Chan, M.A 52 438-444
Urban Earth science in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kean, W.F., Posnanski, T.J., Wisniewski, J.J. and Lundberg, T.C 52 433-437
Placing urban schools at the forefront of the revolution in Earth science education Barstow, D. and Yazijian, H.H 52 416-419
Urban watershed studies - An off-campus site in the build environment, northern New Jersey Pardi, R.R., Sebetich, M.J., and Swanson, K 52 411-415
Overcoming the limitations of an urban setting through field-based Earth systems inquiry Birnbaum, S 52 407-410
Advancing the REVOLUTION: Using Earth systems science to prepare elementary-school teachers in an urban environment Hall, F.R. and Buxton, C.A 52 338-344
Enviromental process analysis, 2: Dynamic steady states Torgersen, T., Branco, B., and Bean, J 52 331-337
Environmental process analysis, 1: Residence time and first-order processes Torgersen, T., Branco, B., Bean, J., and Sytsma, R 52 324-330
Contamination in Orangetown: A mock trial and site-investigation exercise Siegel, D.I. and McKenzie, J.M 52 266-273
Introducing students to enviroenmental geophysics in a field setting May, M.T. and Gibbons, M.G 52 254-259