Subject 1999 - 2010 : Employment

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Assessing factors that influence the recruitment of majors from introductory geology classes at Northern Arizona UniversityHoisch, T. D. & Bowie, J.I.58166-176
Preparing geologists for careers in engineering geology and hydrogeology Santi, P.M. and Higgins, J.D 53 513-521
The geosciences as an employment opportunity (editorial) Drummond, C.N 53 486
Research methodologies in science education: Gender and the geosciences Libarkin, J.C. and Kurdziel, J.P 51 446-452
The inspiration to study clay Rule, A.C 49 56-53
Technical and non-technical skills needed by oil companies Heath, C.P.M 48 605-616
The technical and non-technical skills needed by Canadian-based mining companies Heath, C.P.M 48 5-18
Exploring geology on the World Wide Web - Employment resources Exton, B.J. 47 385-386
Rank distribution of 1997 geoscience-teaching faculty Ongley, L.K. 47 357-361