Subject 1999 - 2010 : Education - special clientele (adult students, general public, learning disabled, outside US, physically handicapped)

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Technology, accuracy and scientific thought in field camp: an ethnographic studyFeig, A.D.58241-251
Earthquake emergency education in Dushanbe, TajikistanMohadjer, S. & others5886-94
Thai university students' prior knowledge about P-waves generated during particle motionRakkapao, S. & others57286-299
Students' geocognition of deep time conceptualized in an informal educational settingClary, R.M. & others57275-285
Xoa:dau to Maunkaui: Integrating indigenous knowledge into an undergraduate earth systems science coursePalmer, M.H. & others57137-144
Rocks of Mohavee county, Arizona: An educational landscape displayWilson, D.C. and Montbriand, T.56126-130
A professional engineering degree in petroleum geoscience to satisfy Caribbean industry Dawe, R.A. and others. 55 181-190
Tibet field camp as a "roof of the world" capstone experience for earth-science majors Aitchison, J.C. & Jason, R.A. 55 349-356
Special issue on the citizen geoscientist NAGT 55 605
Taiwanese earth-science curriculum guidelines and their relationships to the earth-system education of the United States Chang, C.-Y., Lee, W.-C., & Yeh, T.-K. 54 620-624
Creating undergraduate community ambassadors of Earth system science Vierling, L.A. & vierling, K.T. 54 283-286
Developing and presenting geoscience interpretive programs t Nez Perce National Historical Park, Idaho Smith, S.V 53 294-296
Scientists and public outreach: Participation, motivations, and impediments Andrews, E., Weaver, A., Hanley, D., Shamatha, J., and Melton, G 53 281-293
Geoscience education for realtors, appraisers, home inspectors, and homeowners Nuhfer, E.B 52 453-461
Insights from examining weathering patterns by tactual analysis of surface textures Tatomir, J. and Lovan, N 52 289-292
Multimedia model for the utilization of geoscience eductional resources in public parks near urban centers, Hudson Highlands, New York Gates, A.E., Walker, M., Grant, E., and Dubrow, A 52 149-153
Teaching process mineralogy in Australia Vaughan, J., Davidson, L., Nemchin, A., and Quinton, S 52 45-51
Cross-cultural education of geoscience professionals: The conferences of the Indigenous Earth Science Project Riggs, E.M. and Riggs, D.M 51 527-535
Increasing diversity in the marine sciences through the minorities in marine science undergraduate program Bingham, B.L., Sulkin, S.D., Strom S., and Muller-Parker, G 51 474-480
A problematic fossil bring paleontology to the classroom and the world Sande, A.B., Chiment, J.J., Allmon, W.D., and Rigby, J.K 51 361-364
The Big Pig Dig: Integrating paleontological research and visitor education at Badlands National Park, South Dakota Benton, R 51 313-316
Raising the level of geoscience awareness through a public lecture: Bringing earth science to the community Buddington, A.M. and Garver, J.I 51 250-254
Introducing high-tech and low-tech geoscience-related technology to disadvantaged schools in the tropical Pacific Gibson, B.A., Postawko, S.E., Ensworth, J.D., Morrissey, M., Wurman, J.A., and Ellis, S.G 51 201-204
The Mastodon Matrix Project: An experiment with large-scale public collaboration in paleontological research Ross, R.M., Harnik, P.G., Allmon, W.D., Sherpa, J.M., Goldman, A.M., Nester, P.L., and Chiment, J.J 51 39-47
Globe: Science and education Butler, D.M. and MacGregor, I.D 51 9-20
Developing a geologic outreach program Bower, K.M 50 303-307
Position announcement [at the Geological Society of America] Hess, J 50 87
Teaching an introductory physical geology course to a student with visual impairment Asher, P 49 166-169
Innovative funding of educational outreach by a state agency Kopaska-Merkel, D.C 49 146-149
Attempts at improving quantitative problem-solving skills in large lecture-format introductory geology classes Durpre, W.R. and Evans, I 48 431-435
Linking art and geology for geoscience and educators through geoart Mieras, B.L 48 321-324
Geology for art students Grall-Johnson, H.M 48 309-312
An interactive, process-oriented geoscience exhibition: Teaching geology on weekends and at shopping centers Hodder, P.W. and Otrel-Case, K 48 46-56
Earth science week poster' Anonymous 47 406
Using a decision-assessment matrix in volcanic-hazard management Hodder, A.P. 47 350-356
Earth science student attitudes toward a constructivist teaching approach in Taiwan Chang, C.-Y., Hua, H.P., & Barufaldi, J.P. 47 331-335
A constructivist approach to a high-enrollment undergraduate environmental-education course Carpenter, J.R., Tolhurst, J.W., Day, E.A., Zenger, S., Barron, A., & Dozier, K. 47 249-254
Getting earth science week off to a good start Jackson, J. 47 207
Food for thought Shamos, M.H. 47 188