Subject 1999 - 2010 : Education - graduate

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The Fisk-Vanderbilt masters-to-PhD bridge program: a model for broadening participation of underrepresented groups in the physical science through effective partnerships with minority-serving institutionsStassun, K.G.58135-144
Environmental media phase-tracking units in the classroomLangseth, D.E.57206-213
To attract, engage, mentor, and sustain: Outcomes from the Minority Students Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success (MSPHDs) in Earth System Science Pilot ProjectPyrtle, A.J. and Williamson Whitney, V.A. 5624-32
Earth science education matters! A master's degree program for in-service teachersRutherford, S.56378-382
New results from using a Web-based interactive landform simulation model (WILSM) in a general-education physical-geography course Luo, W. & Konen, M. 55 423-425
Creativity skills applied to earth science education: Examples from K-12 teachers in a graduate activity class Rule, A.C 53 53-64
Contamination in Orangetown: A mock trial and site-investigation exercise Siegel, D.I. and McKenzie, J.M 52 266-273
Using information literacy standards to improve geoscience courses DeChambeau, A.L. and Sasowsky, I.D 51 490-495
Research methodologies in science education: Training graduate teaching assistants to teach Kurdziel, J.P. and Libarkin, J.C 51 347-351
Supporting the standards: A master's degree program for K-12 teacher professional development Slattery,W.,and Brame, R 51 285-289
Geocommunication, a cornerstone graduate course in professional development Lewis, R.D., and Wolf, L.W 51 244-249
Impact of a K-12 partnership on science teaching Hall-Wallace, M. and Regens, N.L 51 104-113
Building university-school partnerships: An exercise in communication and understanding Hall-Wallace, M. and Regens, N.L 51 96-103
Design, implementation, and assesssment of an undergraduate interdisciplinary watershed research laboratory Woltenmade, C.J., and Blewett, W.L 50 372-379
A student-centered field project comparing NEXRAD and rain gauge precipitation values in mountainous terrain Woltemade, C.J. and Stanitski-Martin, D 50 296-302
Visual solute transport: a computer code for us in hydrogeology classes Thorbjarnason, K.W., Inami, J.H. and Girty, G.H 50 287-291
[Call for nominations for] Free NAGT memberships for outstanding undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants Anonymou 50 211
Developing a teaching assistant preparation program in the School of Oceanography, University of Washington McManus, D.A 50 158-168
X-ray diffraction simulation using laser pointers and printers Johnson, N.E 49 346-350
The inspiration to study clay Rule, A.C 49 56-63
A plea for the best of the past - Suggestions for teaching about landforms Twidale, C.R. 47 241-248