Subject 1999 - 2010 : Education - field based

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Linking Physical Geography Education and Research Through the Development of an Environmental Sensing Network and Project-Based LearningRoberts, D. & others58262-274
Technology, accuracy and scientific thought in field camp: an ethnographic studyFeig, A.D.58241-251
Incorporating a watershed-based summary field exercise into an introductory hydrogeology courseFryar, A.E. & others58214-220
Pitfalls and successes of developing an interdisciplinary watershed field science coursePearce, A.R. & others58145-154
Lessons on the role of fun/playfulness from a geology undergraduate summer research programJarrett, O.S. & Burnley, P.58110-120
Science in the mountains: A unique research experience to enhance diversity in the geosciencesHallar, A.G. & others5895-100
Evaluating and communicating geologic reasoning with semiotics and certainty estimationParcell, W.C. & Parcell, L.M.57379-389
An empirical methodology for investigating geocognition in the fieldPetcovic, H.L. & others57316-328
Students' geocognition of deep time conceptualized in an informal educational settingClary, R.M. & others57275-285
Investigating earth science in urban schoolyards [and local parks]Endreny, A. & others57191-195
Using portable media players (IPOD) to support electronic course materials during a field-based introductory geology courseElkins, J.T.57106-112
Geologic problem solving in the field: Analylsis of field navigation and mapping by advanced undergraduatesRiggs, E.M. and others5748-63
Introducing field-based geologic research using soil geomorphologyEppes, M.C.5711-22
Using problem-based learning to bring the workplace into the classroomDadd, K.A.571-10
Investigating the sedimentary history of a pond during a multi-week laboratory projectDiemer, J.A. and Bobyarchick5615-23
Earth science teachers' perceptions of an autonomous fieldwork assignment in a nationwide paleontology courseClary, R.M. and Wandersee, J.H. 56149-155
Experimental discoveries in geoscience education: The EDGE program in AlaskaConnor, C. and Prakash, A. 56179-186
Informal geoscience education on a grand scale: The trail of time exhibition at Grand CanyonKarlstrom, K. and others56354-361
Enhancement of geology content knowledge through field-based instruction for pre-service elementary teachersTretinjak, C.A. and Riggs, E.M. 56422-433
An immersion professional development program in environmental science for inservice elementary-school teachers Constible, J.M. & others 55 70-77
Teaching geology in the field: Significant geoscience concept gains in entirely field-based introductory geology courses Elkins, J.T. and Elkins, M.L. 55 126-132
Engaging first-grade students in a geoscience campus field trip Saltzman, J. & Paytan, A. 55 326-332
Tibet field camp as a "roof of the world" capstone experience for earth-science majors Aitchison, J.C. & Jason, R.A.55 349-356
Using on-campus monitoring wells to enhance student learning in geo-hydrology courses Iqbai, M.Z. & Choowdhury, S.H. 55 364-370
Scientific fieldwork: An opportunity for pedagogical-content knowledge development Dickerson, D.L. & others 55 371-376
Dye tracing through Sinks Canyon: Incorporating advanced hydrogeology into the University of Missouri's Geology Field Camp Thomson, J.A., Buchanan, J.P., & Schwab, S. 55 197-201
An integrative summer field course in geology and biology for K-12 instructors and college and continuing education students and Eastern Washington Univeristy and beyond Thomson, J.A., Buchanan, J.P., & Schwab, S. 54 588-595
A field-based, writing-intensive undergraduate course on Pacific Northwest geology Buddington, A.M. 54 584-587
An on-campus well field for hydrogeophysics education and undergraduate research Day-Lewis, F.D., Gray, M.B., Garfield, R.L., & Day-Lewis, A.D. 54 480-486
Campus landscaping by constructing mock geologic outcrops Matty, D.J. 54 445-451
Using field-camp experiences to develop a multidisciplinary foundation for petroleum-engineering students Anderson, D.S. & Miskimmins, J.L. 54 172-178
An inexpensive, concentrated field experience across the cordillera Lathrop, A.S. & Ebbett, B.E. 54 165-171
Use of a virtual environment in the geowall to increase student confidence and performance during field mapping: an example from and introductory-level field class Kelly, M.M. & Riggs, N.R. 54 158-164
Mobile GIS in geologic mapping exercises Neumann, K. & Kutis, M. 54 153-157
Improving student learning during travel time on field trips using an innovative, portable audio/video system Elkins, J..T. & Elkins, N.M.L. 54 147-152
Integrating handheld technology with field investigations in introductory-level geoscience courses Guertin, L.A. 54 143-146
Integrating undergraduate education and scientific discovery through field research in igneous petrology Gonzales, D. & Semken, S. 54 133-142
Using environmental service learning in an urban environment to address water-quality issues Tedesco, L.P. & Salazar, K.A. 54 123-132
Integrating policy and land-management issues into a natural-sciences education: Teaching environmental sciences on the lower San Juan river, Utah Ort, M.H., Anderson, D.E., & Ostergren, D.M. 54 116-122
The Muddy Creek project: Evolution of a field-based research and learning collaborative LaSage, D.M., Jones, A., & Edwards, T. 54 109-115
Field-based instruction as part of a balanced geoscience curriculum at Washington & Lee University Knapp, E.P., Greer, L., Connors, C.D., & Harbor, D.J. 54 103-108
Teachers doing science: An authentic geology research experience for teachers Hemler, D. & Repine, T. 54 93-102
Teaching in the field Manduca, C. A. & Carpenter, J.R. 54 90
A simple group-work approach for effective field work: A soil-sciences case study Mooney, S.J. 54 74-79
Building groundwater-monitoring wells on campus a case study and primer Laton, W.R. 54 50-53
The vale of reservoir-bottom field trips for undergraduate geology courses Ambers, R.K.R 53 508-512
A winter field-based course on limnology and paleolimnology Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 494-500
Cover photograph of Union College students and faculty sampling sediment from frozen Ballston Lake, New York Rodbell, D.T. and Gremmillion, P.T 53 485
An indoor shopping-mall building-stone investigation with handheld technology for introductory geoscience students Guertin, L.A 53 253-256
Alumni of geology BS-programs express strong support for field geology and related field and laboratory experiences Plymate, T.G., Evans, K.R., Gutierrez, M., and Mantei, E.J 53 215-216
Exploring the interrelationships of art and geology through a course module on European ice-age cave art Battles, D.A. and Hudak, J.R.: 53 176-183
Combining stream-table experiments, high-tech particle analysis, and the Web to help geomorphology students evaluate landform evolution Clark, D.H. and Linneman, S.R 53 110-115
The transparent velocity-head rod for inexpensive and accurate measurement of stream velocities Fonstad, M.A., Reichling, J.P., and van de Grift, J.W 53 44-52
Designing undergraduate research experiences for nontraditional student learning at sea Gawel, J.E., and Greengrove, C.L 53 31-36
Far Western Section Spring 2005 Field Conference Fielding, L 52 490
Connecting urgan students with their rivers generates interest and skills in the geosciences O'Connell, S., Ortiz, J. and Morrison, J 52 462-471
Geoantiquities: Concepts and applications for education in the urban landscape Chan, M.A. and Godsey, H.S 52 445-452
Teacher workshops using geoantiquities: Case history of modern Great Salt Lake and Pleistocene Lake Bonneville shorelines, Utah Atwood, G., Felton, A. and Chan, M.A 52 438-444
Urban Earth science in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Kean, W.F., Posnanski, T.J., Wisniewski, J.J. and Lundberg, T.C 52 433-437
Overcoming challenges of teaching Earth history classes for teachers in a rock-free urban environment Haywick, D.W., Yokel, L.S. and Wedgeworth, M 52 429-432
Urban watershed studies - An off-campus site in the build environment, northern New Jersey Pardi, R.R., Sebetich, M.J., and Swanson, K 52 411-415
Overcoming the limitations of an urban setting through field-based Earth systems inquiry Birnbaum, S 52 407-410
Cover photograph of of outdoor rock displays, Ft. Wayne IN Anonymou 52 "401, 403 "
Demanding and enforcing high expectations in freshman courses Basu, A. and Middendorf, J 52 320-323
A simple and effective tool for teaching the concept of strike and dip and the measurement of structural data in the field Gonzales, D.A 52 274-276
Introducing students to enviroenmental geophysics in a field setting May, M.T. and Gibbons, M.G 52 254-259
The greatest field trip ever Drummond, C.N 52 210
On the practical aspects of incorporating field-based projects into introductory oceanography Reynolds, R.W 52 218-223
Web resources for fieldwork Francek, M., Morgan, S., Richard, G., Richard, S., Palmer, A., and Palmer, R 52 205-206
Incorporating GPS technology with a campus geology walking tour Weiss, D.J. and Walters, J.C. 52 186-190