Subject 1999 - 2010 : Education - (by) writing and speaking

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Linking Physical Geography Education and Research Through the Development of an Environmental Sensing Network and Project-Based LearningRoberts, D. & others58262-274
The [geo]scientific method: Hypothessis testing and proposal writing for studentsMarkley, M.J.58198-202
Calibrated peer-review assignments for the earth sciencesRudd, J.A. and others57328-334
Using national parks to transform physical geology into an inquiry experienceNewbill, P.L.5741-47
Design and assessment of an introductory geomicrobiology course of non-geology majorsHernandez-Machado, B. & Casillas-Martinez, L.5723-32
Earth data, science writing and peer review in a large general-education oceonography classProthero, W.A. Jr. and Kelly, G.J.5661-72
Toward the improvement of reasoning and writing skills in sedimentary geology Smosna, R. and Bruner, K.R. 55 15-23
Student evaluation of cities' hazards and benefits for company relocation: An introductory geology class project in educated citizenship Bertog, J.L. 55 28-35
A field-based, writing-intensive undergraduate course on Pacific Northwest geology Buddington, A.M. 54 584-587
Optimizing faculty use of writing as a learning toool in geoscience education Leydens, J.A. & Santi, P. 54 491-502
Use of a mentored creative-writing project to improve the geology education of preservice elementary teachers Lusk, M.G., Bickmore, B.R., Christiansen, E.H., & Sudweeks, R.R. 54 31-40
Reading and writing taught in a sophomore course on plate tectonics Bank, C.-G. 54 25-30
The use of Haiku and portfolio entry to teach the change of seasons Bogina, M.A. and Roberts, B.R 53 559-562
A student-centered project of Earth-system history Teed, R 53 96-100
An investigation of student engagement in a global-warming debate Schweizer, D.M. and Kelly, G.J 53 75-84
The use of a mock environment summit to support learning about global climate change Gautier, C., and Rebich, S 53 5-16
A formative assessment of geologic time for high-school Earth science students Hermann, R. and Lewis, B 52 231-235
Geocommunication, a cornerstone graduate course in professional development Lewis, R.D., and Wolf, L.W 51 244-249
Optional seminars bring small-class experiences to students in large-enrollment geology courses Miller, M.G 50 308-311
Applying argumentation analysis to assess the quality of university oceanography students' scientific writing Takao, A.Y., Prothero, W.A. and Kelly, G.J 50 40-48
A reading and writing approach to teaching environmental geology Mango, H.N 48 662-666
Teaching the scientific method using contemporary research topice as the basis for student-defined projects Mayborn, K.R. and Lesher, C.E 48 145-149