Subject 1999 - 2010 : Education - audio visual

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Application of tablet PCs to lecture demonstrations on optical mineralogHoisch, T.D. & others58221-231
Increased student learning and attendance in resources geology through the combination of sentence-headline slides and active-learning measures Alley, M. & others 55 85-91
Improving student learning during travel time on field trips using an innovative, portable audio/video system Elkins, J..T. & Elkins, N.M.L. 54 147-152
Multimedia model for the utilization of geoscience eductional resources in public parks near urban centers, Hudson Highlands, New York Gates, A.E., Walker, M., Grant, E., and Dubrow, A 52 149-153
The effect of multiple formats on understanding complex visual displays Taylor, H.A., Renshaw, C.E., and Choi, E.J 52 115-121
Web resources: The cryosphere and the Pleistocene Francek, M 51 272-273
Geocommunication, a cornerstone graduate course in professional development Lewis, R.D., and Wolf, L.W 51 244-249
Essential design elements for successful online courses Powell, W 51 221-230
Getting help from course management software to teach a large-enrollment introductory geology class Cervato, C.C 51 185-193
A virtual journey within the rock cycle: A software kit for the development of systems thinking in the context of the Earth???s crust Kali, Y 51 165-170
Do we have a 20th or 21st century curriculum? (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 162
GIS applications to historical cartographic methods to improve the understanding and visualization of contours Kennelly, P.J 50 428-436
Studying earthquakes, while also learning about data and visualization Wells, N.A 50 271-286
An educational animation of the propagation of earthquake-generated seismic shear waves across the mantle Wysession, M.E. and Baker, S 50 186-194
Using patterns, icons, abstractions, and metaphors from art in geoscience classes Romey, W.D 48 "295, 353-356"
Case studies of the geochemical investigations of art for science and science-and-art courses Henchman, M 48 292-294 352
Museums dissolving boundaries between science and art Longhenry, S.C 48 288-291 348
Making art and doing science in an undergraduate earth-science course Wright, E 48 284-287
Field trip to a galaxy far, far away Baker, L.L., and Sprenke, K.F 48 280-283
More to earth science than meets the eye Rosenberg, G.D 48 "279, 349-351"