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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
Editorial: Technology and the Future of JGELibarkin, J.C.58252
Editorial: The geosciences gap in K-12 educationMcNeal, K.S.58197
Commentary: Object and spatial visualization in geosciencesKastens, K.5852-57
Editorial: what role do geoscientists play in societyLibarkin, J.C, & others581
Editorial - The evolution of JGE: Responding to our community's needsLibarkin, J.C. & others57165-167
Commentary: the Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement (CCLI) program: What's new about the current solicitation and suggestions for the geosciences' communitySinger, J.5796-98
NAGT 2007 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Awards5786-93
NAGT James H. Shea AwardMcDonald, H. & Cutler, A.5784-85
NAGT Neil Miner Award for 2008Robinson, P.T. & Dilek, Y.5782-83
A new beginning for the Journal of Geoscience Education (Editorial)Drummond, C.N56374
The geosciences as an employment opportunity (editorial) Drummond, C.N 53 486
Education, geoscience, and databases - the value of DLESE (Editorial) Drummond, C.N. 52 402
Competition, education, and the scientific method (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 52 310
The greatest field trip ever (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 52 210
The state of the Journal 2004 (Editorial) Anonymous 52 110
Increasing diversity in the Earth sciences (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 52 2
Carl Rogers and the origin of experiential learning (editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 462
Game-based learning (editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 358
A journal for all geoscience educators (editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 282
Do we have a 20th or 21st century curriculum? (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 162
The state of the Journal (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 51 2
Celebrating excellence (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 494
Joining the revolution (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 354
Immanence and configuration:Scale dependence and the transition from periodic to quasi-periodic behavior of dynamic systems (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 346-348
Teaching on the edge of chaos (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 238
Immanence and configuration: Superposition and soil formation - A stratigraphic paradox (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 232
Intelligent design and the future of science education (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 134
Immanence and configuration: Assessing proxies of climate change (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 117-118
The science of teaching and learning (editorial) Drummond, C.N 50 2
Immanence and configuration: Global biogeochemical cycling of oxygen (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 501
The significance of systems (ediorial) Drummond, C.N 49 420
Immanence and configuration - Orders, organizations, and hierarchy (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 414-415
Can field camps survive? Drummond, C.N 49 336
Immanence and configuration - The quest for cause Drummond, C.N 49 329
Immanence and configuration - Temporal fidelity and time partitioning in stratigraphy (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 218-220
Ten common principles of geoscience departments - Part I Drummond, C.N 49 108
Immanence and configuration: Patterns, processes, and the uniqueness of time (editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 92-93
Sustaining intellectual integrity in the face of irrationalism (Editorial) Drummond, C.N 49 2
Learning from students (Editorial) Shea, J.H. 48 562
The continuing growth of irrationalism (Editorial) Shea, J.H. 48 406
Forty years of teaching geology (Editorial) Shea, J.H. 48 258
Are textbooks full of disconnected facts? (Editorial) Shea, J.H. 48 118
JGE begins 50th year of publication (editorial) Shea, J.H. 48 2
Should the philosophy of science be x-rated? (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 410
Global warming (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 310
Maps as educational tools (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 210
Education research at the annual meeting (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 110
The excitement of contemporary geology (editorial) Shea, J.H. 47 2