Subject 1999 - 2010 : Astronomy

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TitleAuthorVolume Page #
An integrated earth science, astronomy, and physics course for elementary-education majorsPlotnick, R.E. & others57152-158
Impact of backwards faded scaffolding in an astronomy course for pre-service elementary teachers based on inquirySlater, S.J. and others56408-416
The Moon project: Student research and lesson design in an introductory geoscience course for pre-service teachersBykerk-Kauffman, A.56434-439
We have lift off! Integrating space science and mathematics in elementary classrooms Leonard, J. & Oakley, J.E. 54 452-457
The use of Haiku and portfolio entry to teach the change of seasons Bogina, M.A. and Roberts, B.R 53 559-562
The development of student conceptions of the Earth-Sun relationships in an inquiry-based curriculum Salierno, C., Edelson, D., and Sherin, B 53 422-431
Life (briefly) near a supernova Dutch, S.I 53 27-30
Students and scientists test prototype Mars rover Bowman, C.D., Sherman, D.M., Arvidson, R.E., Nelson, S.V., and Squyres, S.W 51 29-34
Computational geology - Defnition and the concept of set Vacher, H.L 49 470-479
Misconceptions - Forces acting on a body in orbit Wampler, J.M 49 319-321