Subject 1999 - 2010 : Areal geology (maps, charts, photographs, GIS, GPS)

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The Campus Mine: An Adaptable Instruction Approach Using Simulated Underground Geology In a Campus Building to Improve Geospatial Reasoning Before FieldworkBenson, R.G.58253-261
Technology, accuracy and scientific thought in field camp: an ethnographic studyFeig, A.D.58241-251
GPS: Geoscience Partnership StudySchuster, D.58232-240
Pitfalls and successes of developing an interdisciplinary watershed field science coursePearce, A.R. & others58145-154
Issues regarding student interpretation of color as a third-dimension on graphical representationsCid, X.C. & others57372-378
An empirical methodology for investigating geocognition in the fieldPetcovic, H.L. & others57316-328
Environmental media phase-tracking units in the classroomLangseth, D.E.57206-213
Integrative mapping of global-scale processes and patterns on "Imaginary Earth" continental geometries: A teaching tool in an Earth history courseSunderlin, D.5773-81
Introducing teachers to geospatial technology while helping them discover vegetation patterns in Owens Valley, CaliforniaSherman-Morris, K. and others5764-72
Geologic problem solving in the field: Analylsis of field navigation and mapping by advanced undergraduatesRiggs, E.M. and others5748-63
Effective materials for increasing young children's spatial and mapping skillsPetty, M.R. and Rule, A.C.565-14
Cover photographs and diagrams of dipping strata and their surface expression at Cloggerhead, north of Dublin, IrelandSteyrer, H.P. and Schopfer, M.56109-110
Examples for integrating Venus Magellan imagery into science classesLang, N.P.56135-141
A Matlab script for visualizing structure contours and outcrop patterns in three dimensionsSchopfer, M.P.J.56142-148
Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) improves students' performance in classes - Adaption of JiTT in four geography coursesLuo, W.56166-171
Experimental Discoveries in Geoscience Education: The EDGE program in AlaskaConnor, C. and Prakash, A.56179-186
How true are geological maps? An exercise in geological mappingSturkell, E. and others56297-301
Cover photograph of Portage Lake Volcanoes on Isle Royal National Park, MIAnonymous56373-374
Teaching with catastrophe: Topographic-map interpretation and the physical geography of the 1949 Mann Gulch, Montana wildfire Liliquist, K. 54 561-571
Introducing geoinformatics for earth-system science education Prakash, A. 54 555-560
Introducing teachers and university students to GPS technology and its importance in remote sensing through GPS treasure hunts Munro-Stasiuk, M.J. 54 471-475
Using Web-based GIS for Earth and environmental systems Bodzin, A.M. & Anastasio, D. 54 295-300
Use of a virtual environment in the geowall to increase student confidence and performance during field mapping: an example from and introductory-level field class Kelly, M.M. & Riggs, N.R. 54 158-164
Mobile GIS in geologic mapping exercises Neumann, K. & Kutis, M. 54 153-157
Cover photograph of weathered volcanic material Anonymous 54 89
Free or inexpensive GIS resources available on the Web Francek, M., Grant, T., Schmidt, C., Tewksbury, D., Tu, W., & Zhang, X. 54 80-81
Cover photograph of sliding rock on Racetrack Playa CA Miller, M. 54 1-2
Cover photo of intrusive dike, Chile Manduca, R. 53 233-234
Computational geology 29: Quantitative literacy: Spreadsheets, range charts and triangular plots Vacher, H.L 53 219-228
Why some students have trouble with maps and other spatial representations Ishikawa, T. and Kastens, K.A 53 184-197
Sense of place and place-based introductory geoscience teaching for American Indian and Alaska native undergraduates Semken, S.: 53 149-157
Cover photograph of Window Rock (AZ) Semken, 53 "145, 147"
A data-rich exercise for discovering plate-boundary processes Sawyer, D.S., Henning, A.T., Shipp, S., and Dunbar, R.W 53 65-74
A student-centered regional planning group activity for non-science majors Abolins, M 52 472-480
Placing urban schools at the forefront of the revolution in Earth science education Barstow, D. and Yazijian, H.H 52 416-419
A guided-inquiry approach to learning the geology of the U.S. Leech, M.L., Howell, D.G., and Egger, A.E 52 368-373
Bringing the field into the classroom by using dynamic digital maps to engage undergraduate students in petrology research Boundy, T.M. and Condit, C 52 313-319
Teaching archeogeophysical survey and mapping any time of the year: An introductory course Barrett, L.R., Matney, T., and Park, L 52 236-244
Incorporating GPS technology with a campus geology walking tour Weiss, D.J. and Walters, J.C 52 186-190
Enhancing GIS education with student-created labs and a peer reference manual Rahn, J.L., and Zygo, L.M 52 133-140
The effect of multiple formats on understanding complex visual displays Taylor, H.A., Renshaw, C.E., and Choi, E.J 52 115-121
Cover photograph of cyclic limestone strata Anonymou 51 461
Geoscape: An instructional rock garden for inquiry-based cooperative learning exercises in introductory geology courses Calderone, G.C., Thompson, J.R., Johnson, W.M., Kadel, S.D., Nelson, P.J., Hall-Wallace, M., and Butler, R.F 51 171-176
A computer program for use with pace and compass exercises Reichard, J.S 50 544-548
GIS applications to historical cartographic methods to improve the understanding and visualization of contours Kennelly, P.J 50 428-436
Cover illustration of two contouring methods Tanaka, K 50 "353, 355"
Teaching GIS and remote sensing integration using fire ecology in longleaf pine sandhills Jensen, R.R 50 292-295
Web resources review: Maps and map tools Francek, M 50 215-217
A working model for evaluating academic excellence and geoscience education, undergraduate and K-12 Brunkhorst, B.J 50 72-77
Design, implementation, and evaluation of GIS-based learning materials in an introductory geoscience course Hall-Wallace, M.K. and McAuliffe, C.M 50 5-14
Development and evaluation of Where are we? map-skills software and curriculum Kastens, K.A., Kaplan, D., and Christie-Blick, K 49 249-266
A GIS class exercise to study environmental risk Stewart, M.E., Schneiderman, J.S., and Andrews, S.B 49 227-234
Cover photograph of Grand Teton Mountains, WY Drummond, C.N 49 223
Computational geology 15 - More mapping with vectors Vacher, H.L 49 193-204
Regional geology as a unifying theme and springboard to deep time Miller, M.G 49 10-17
Cover photograph of Permian Cedar Mesa Sandstone, Utah Miller, M 49 1
Using space shuttle photographs to teach plate tectonics Reese, J.F 48 596-597
Using a lens stereoscope for the first time Smith, C.H 48 595-596
Cover photograph of Waterpocket Fold, Utah Kresan, D 48 561
Enhancing the spatial skills of non-geoscience majors using the global positioning system Herrstrom, E.A 48 443-446
Cover photograph of Antarctic landscape Lozinsky, R 48 405
Cover photograph of superposed Bonneville and Missoula flood deposits, Lewiston, Idaho Davis, L.E 48 117
The Teacher-Friendly Guide to the Geology of the Northeastern U.S Ansley, J 48 94
Locating data on topographic maps