Subject 1999 - 2010 : Anthropology and archeology

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Using foraminifera to teach paleoenvironmental interpretation and geoarchaeology: A case study from Folly Island, South Carolinga Hippensteel, S.P. 54 526-531
Exploring the interrelationships of art and geology through a course module on European ice-age cave art Battles, D.A. and Hudak, J.R 53 176-183
Geoantiquities: Concepts and applications for education in the urban landscape Chan, M.A. and Godsey, H.S 52 445-452
Teaching archeogeophysical survey and mapping any time of the year: An introductory course Barrett, L.R., Matney, T., and Park, L 52 236-244
A computer program for use with pace and compass exercises Reichard, J.S 50 544-548