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AuthorTitleVolume Page #
Yanchar, S.C. Earth science mini lessons: A service-learning strategy for improving attitudes toward science of preservice elementary teachers 55 228-234
Yates, J. A digital tectonic activity map of the earth 47 428-437
Yazijian, H.Z. Placing urban schools at the forefront of the revolution in Earth science education 52 416-419
Yendra, S. Laboratory Earth: A model of online K-12 teacher coursework 58 203-213
Yochelson, E.L. Book review 47 404
Yochelson, E.L. Book review 47 403-404
Yokel, L.S. Overcoming challenges of teaching Earth history classes for teachers in a rock-free urban environment 52 429-432
Young, C.T. Tabletop models for electrical and electromagnetic geophysics 50 594-601
Young, G. Letter: Student attitudes 48 543-544
Youngquist, W. Book review 47 92-93
Youngquist, W. Book review 47 295-296
Yuretich, R.F. The effects of course redesign on an upper-level geochemistry course 52 277-283
Yuretich, R.F. Active-learning methods to improve student performance and scientific interest in a large introductory oceanography course 49 111-119