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AuthorTitleVolume Page #
Jackson, D.D. Food for thought 48 38
Jackson, J. Getting earth science week off to a good start 47 207
Jackson, J.A. Food for thought 48 402
Jackson, J.A. Earth science week 48 558
Jacob, F. Food for thought 48 396
Jakobsson, M. How true are geological maps? An exercise in geological mapping 56 297-301
James, P.R. Using concept maps to plan an introductory structural geology course 52 224-230
Jarrett, O.S. Lessons on the role of fun/playfulness from a geology undergraduate summer research program 58 110-120
Jarrett, O.S. Engagement in authentic geoscience research: Evaluation of research experiences of undergraduates and secondary teachers 51 85-90
Jarrett, O.S. A comparison of approaches and instruments for evaluating a geological sciences research experiences program 50 15-24
Jason, R.A. "Tibet field camp as a ""roof of the world"" capstone experience for earth-science majors" 55 349-356
Jean-Baptiste, M. Conceptions of the greenhouse effect and global warming amon elementary[-school] students from diverse languages and cultures 55 117-125
Jee, B.D. Analogical thinking in geoscience education 58 2-13
Jensen, H.J. Book review 47 500-501
Jensen, R.R. Teaching GIS and remote sensing integration using fire ecology in longleaf pine sandhills 50 292-295
Jessen, A.L. A model for teaching interdisciplinary science to precollege teachers 47 40-44
Johansen, S.E. The use of information technology to enhance learning in geological field trips 50 528-538
Johnson, C.C. Book reviews 48 715-719
Johnson, C.L. "In memorium - Dorothy Stout, 1941-2001 " 49 502
Johnson, G. Food for thought 47 463
Johnson, G.D. A laboratory exercise on determining dinosaur speeds using dimensional analysis 48 342-347
Johnson, J.K. "Concept sketches - Using student- and instructor-generated , annotated sketches for learning, teaching, and assessment in geology courses" 53 85-94
Johnson, K.G. Nineteenth-century convergence of geology and landscape art in Eastern New York state - A pedagogic windfall 48 306-309
Johnson, M.C. Using GPS to teach more than accurate positions 50 241-246
Johnson, N.E. X-ray diffraction simulation using laser pointers and printers 49 346-350
Johnson, W.M. Geoscape: An instructional rock garden for inquiry-based cooperative learning exercises in introductory geology courses 51 171-176