Author Index for the Years 1999-2010 : A

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AuthorTitleVolume Page #
Aber, J.S. Glaciers and environmental change (reviewed) 50 112-113
Abolins, M. What is urban education? 52 405-406
Abolins, M. A student-centered regional planning group activity for non-science majors 52 472-480
Adam, Z.R. "Earthquake emergency education in Dushanbe, Tajikistan" 58 86-94
Adams, J.P. Astronomy in the National Science Education Standards 48 39-45
Agosta, F. Incorporating stable-isotope geochemistry in undergraduate laboratory courses 48 209-215
Agrawai, S. Research in science education: The role of gestures in geoscience teaching and learning 56 362-368
Aitchison, J.C. "Tibet field camp as a ""roof of the world"" capstone experience for earth-science majors" 55 349-356
Aitken, M.J. Book reviews 48 393-394
Alaniz -Alvarez, S.A. Assessing fault reactivation with the ReActiva program 48 651-657
Alexander, J. Active tectonics and alluvial rivers (reviewed) 49 413
Alfano, M.J. A comprehensive stream study designed for an undergraduate non-majors course in earth science 47 158-165
Alfieri, M.L. The Nebraska Earth Science Education Network electronic communication network 47 12-16
Allen-King, R.M. A framework for integrating quantitative geologic problem solving into courses across the undergraduate geology curriculum 48 459-463
Alley, K.F. Teacher/scientist partnership develops a simulated natural-disaster scenario to enhance student learning 53 522-530
Alley, M. Increased student learning and attendance in resources geology through the combination of sentence-headline slides and active-learning measures 55 85-91
Alley, R.B. "The two-mile time machine: Ice cores, abrupt climate change, and our future (reviewed) " 50 113-114
Alley, R.B. Food for thought 50 114
Allmon, W.D. The Mastodon Matrix Project: An experiment with large-scale public collaboration in paleontological research 51 39-47
Allmon, W.D. An art exhibit on dinosaurs and the nature of science 48 "296-299