September 2010 Journal of Geoscience Education

Volume 58, Number 4

Editorial: The Geosciences Gap in K-12 Education
Karen S. McNeal, Mississippi State University
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Commentary: The [Geo]Scientific Method; hypthesis testing and geoscience proposal writing for students
Michelle J. Markley, Mount Holyoke College
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Laboratory Earth: A Model of Online K-12 Teacher Coursework
David C. Gosselin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Julie Thomas, Oklahoma State University
Adrienne Redmond, Oklahoma State University
Cindy Larson-Miller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sara Yendra, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ronald J. Bonnstetter, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Timothy F. Slater, University of Wyoming
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Incorporating a Watershed-Based Summary Field Exercise into an Introductory Hydrogeology Course
Alan E. Fryar, University of Kentucky
Karen E. Thompson, Smith Management Group, Inc.
Susan P. Hendricks, Murray State University
David S. White, Murray State University
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Application of Tablet PCs to Lecture Demonstrations on Optical Mineralogy
Thomas D. Hoisch, Northern Arizona University
Barbara A. Austin, Northern Arizona University
Shawn L. Newell, Northern Arizona University
Mark F. Manone, Northern Arizona University
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GPS: Geoscience Partnership Study
Dwight Schuster, Indiana University School of Education, IUPUI Department of Earth Sciences
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Technology, Accuracy and Scientific Thought in Field Camp: An Ethnographic Study
Anthony D. Feig, Central Michigan University
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