March 2007 Journal of Geoscience Education

Volume 55, Number 2

Conceptions of the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming among Elementary Students from Diverse Languages and Cultures
Okhee Lee, University of Miami
Benjamin T. Lester, University of Miami
Li Ma, University of Miami
Julie Lambert, Florida Atlantic University
Melissa Jean-Baptiste, University of Miami, Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 591kB Jun6 07)
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Teaching Geology in the Field: Significant Geoscience Concept Gains in Entirely Field-based Introductory Geology Courses
Joe T. Elkins and Nichole M.L. Elkins, Bowling Green State University Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 171kB Jun6 07)
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FossilPlot, an Excel-based Computer Application for Teaching Stratigraphic Paleontology Using the Sepkoski Compendium of Fossil Marine Genera
Leif Tapanila, Idaho State University Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 2.4MB Jun6 07)
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Box Diagrams to Assess Students' Systems Thinking about the Rock, Water and Carbon Cycles
Duncan F. Sibley, Charles W. Anderson, Merle Heidemann, John E. Merrill, Joyce M. Parker, and David W. Szymanski, Michigan State University Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 2MB Jun6 07)
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Using Mobile Mapping to Determine Rates of Meander Migration in an Undergraduate Geomorphology Course
Kirsten Menking and Meg E. Stewart, Vassar College Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 1.3MB Jun6 07)
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A Redesigned Geoscience Content Course's Impact on Science Teaching Self-efficacy Beliefs
Tracy J. Posnanski, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 258kB Jun6 07)
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Teaching the Nitrogen Cycle and Human Health Interactions
Margaret Townsend, University of Kansas
Audrey C. Rule, State University of New York at Oswego
Mary Ann Meyer, Thomas M. Cooley High School, Detroit Public Schools
C. Jolene Dockstader, Jerome School District, Jerome, Idaho Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 486kB Jun6 07)
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Introducing Medical Geology to Undergraduates as a Critical Thinking and Risk Assessment Tool
Anne Taunton and Mickey Gunter, University of Idaho Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 397kB Jun6 07)
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A Professional Engineering Degree in Petroleum Geoscience to Satisfy Caribbean Industry
Richard A. Dawe, Brent Wilson, and Winston Rajpaulsingh The University of the West Indies Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 558kB Jun6 07)
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2006 NAGT James Shea Award (Acrobat (PDF) 96kB Jun6 07)