January 2009 Journal of Geoscience Education

Volume 57, Number 1

Using Problem-Based Learning to Bring the Workplace into the Classroom
Kelsie A. Dadd, Macquarie University
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Introducing Field-Based Geologic Research Using Soil Geomorphology
Martha Cary Eppes, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
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Design and Assessment of an Introductory Geomicrobiology Course for Non-Geology Majors
B. Hernández-Machado, University of Puerto Rico-Humacao
Lilliam Casillas-Martínez
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An Online Social Networking Approach to Reinforce Learning of Rocks and Minerals
Patrick J. Kennelly, Long Island University
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Using National Parks to Transform Physical Geology into an Inquiry Experience
Phyllis Leary Newbill, Radford University
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Geologic Problem Solving in the Field: Analysis of Field Navigation and Mapping by Advanced Undergraduates
Eric M. Riggs, Purdue University
Christopher C. Lieder, San Diego State University
Russell Balliet, Purdue University
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Introducing Teachers to Geospatial Technology while Helping Them to Discover Vegetation Patterns in Owens Valley, California
Kathleen Sherman-Morris, Mississippi State University
John Morris, California State University
Keith Thompson, Mississippi State University
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Integrative mapping of global-scale processes and patterns on "imaginary Earth" continental geometries: A teaching tool in an Earth History course
David Sunderlin, Lafayette College
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National Association of Geoscience Awards for 2008
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