January 2008 Journal of Geoscience Education

Volume 56, Number 1
Effective Materials for Increasing Young Children's Spatial and Mapping Skills
Mandy R. Petty, Oswego County BOCES Migrant Program
Audrey C. Rule, University of Northern Iowa
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Investigating the Sedimentary History of a Pond During a Multi-Week Laboratory Project
John A. Diemer, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Andy R. Bobyarchick, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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To Attract, Engage, Mentor and Sustain: Outcomes from the Minority Students Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success (MSPHD'S) in Earth System Science??? Pilot Project
Ashanti J. Pyrtle, University of South Florida
Vivian A. Williamson Whitney, Institute for Broadening Participation
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Rise and Fall of Geology in Nineteenth Century American Secondary Schools: History and Textbook Reviews
James X. Corgan, Austin Peay State University
Richard G. Stearns, Vanderbilt University
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Simulating Social and Political Influences on Hazard Analysis through a Classroom Role Playing Exercise
T.C. Hales, Cardiff University
Katharine V. Cashman, University of Oregon
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Earth Data, Science Writing, and Peer Review in a Large General Education Oceanography Class
William A. Prothero, Jr., University of California, Santa Barbara
Gregory J. Kelly, Penn State University
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Fudge Factors in Lessons on Crystallization, Rheology and Morphology of Basalt Lava Flows
A.C. Rust, University of Bristol
K.V. Cashman, University of Oregon
H.M. Wright, Monash University
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Causality in Complex Dynamic Systems: A Challenge in Earth Systems Science Education
Federica Raia, City College of New York
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