JGE 2000 - Volume 48


Astronomy in the National Science Education Standards
Jeffrey Paul Adams and Timothy Frederick Slater, Montana State University
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Greendays—An Environmental Almanac
David McConnell, University of Akron
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Can the Decline of the Latin Name be Halted?
William A.S. Sarjeant, University of Saskatchewan
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A Simple Aurora Detector
Peter Zaffo, Warrensburg, New York
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Forecasting the Permanent Decline in Global Petroleum Production
Marie Plummer Minniear, University of Toledo
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Using a Spreadsheet to Introduce Aqueous-Speciation Calculations to Geochemistry Students
Sheila Jo Roberts, Bowling Green State University
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Classroom Index-Card Simulations of Crystal Growth
Michael Anthony Velbel, Michigan State University
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Scientific Illustration Techniques and Handmade Mineral Paints for Geoscience Classes
Lorena Babcock Moore
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Lithographic Limestone As a Teaching Tool
Mudge Morris, Indiana University/Purdue University
David Lee Morrison, Indiana University/Purdue University
Gary David Rosenberg, Indiana University/Purdue University
Full Text (Acrobat (PDF) 5.6MB Jul16 09)
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The Art, History, and Geoscience of Hindostan Whetstone Gravestones in Indiana
Erik Peter Kvale, Indiana Geological Survey
Richard L. Powell, Indiana Geological Survey
Michael J. McNerney, American Resources Group, Ltd.
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Special Issue: Building the Quantitative Skills of Students in Geoscience Courses


Recognizing and Describing "Pet Rocks"
Robert Christman, Western Washington University
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Urban outcrops and the lunchtime petrology field trip
W.O. Hoskin, The University of Canterbury
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View south along the strike of the Waterpocket Fold in Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah. Details
Technical and Non-technical Skills Needed by Oil Companies
C.P.M. Heath
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Process-Oriented Environmental Change Curriculum-Development Workshops
David Charles Gosselin and Steven John Meyer, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Sherri Lowrey
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 74kB Feb28 06)
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Enhancing Tenth Graders' Earth-Science Learning Through Computer-Assisted Instruction
Chun-Yen Chang, National Taiwan Normal University
Full text (Acrobat (PDF) 377kB Feb28 06)
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A Reading and Writing Approach to Teaching Environmental Geology
Helen N. Mango, Castleton State College
full text (Acrobat (PDF) 76kB Feb28 06)
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Creating or Adapting Courses for On-Line Presentation
Pascal Peter de Caprariis, Indiana University/Purdue University
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