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Grand Tetons
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Have a photo you think would make a great banner for the NAGT e-Newsletter? Just upload your photo below. We're looking for photos that capture the beauty of the natural world and can inspire our fellow geoscience educators. Please only submit photos you've taken or which have been taken by folks who have agreed to the terms below. You'll retain copyright to your photo (so that you can use it elsewhere if you like) but by uploading here you're agreeing to license it to us (and everyone else) under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

The e-Newsletter photo is wide and short

In order to fit in the layout of the newsletter the photo needs to tell its story in an approximately 800 pixel wide by 135 pixel tall space. Often judicious cropping can transform a standard format photo into one that works well at this 6:1 ratio. Or if you are experimenting with stitching together panoramas from several photos this might be an excellent outlet for your work. Feel free to send in higher resolution images if you have them and we'll work them down to an appropriately sized format for the e-Newsletter.

In the upload form below please give a description of the photo e.g. "The Grand Tetons at Sunset, August 1978" in the description field.