TED Business Meeting

October 19, 2014, 5:00-7:00 PM
at the GSA Annual Meeting
Hyatt Regency Vancouver, Plaza Ballroom C


Introducing the 2014-15 TED management team

  • Elected Officers
    • President – Heather Petcovic Vice President – Jeff Thomas
    • Past President – Kyle Gray Secretary/Treasurer – Mark Abolins
    • Media Director – Steve Mattox
  • Ex officio Members
    • NAGT Executive Committee Liaison – Basil Tikoff and Wendi Williams

Reports and Announcements:

  1. President's Report - Items from NAGT Council (Heather)
  2. Winter newsletter items due to Steve by October 31. Newsletter will include: Officer's welcome, NAGT announcements, TED membership survey results, and member items
  3. TED membership survey results (Heather)

Business Items:

  1. Officer vote to ratify TED Bylaws (Heather)

Discussion Items:

  1. Rounding out the management board: ex officio members and heads of committees (Heather)
    • Nominations and Elections Committee (bylaw mandated) – Kyle, Chair
    • Long-Range Planning Committee (bylaw mandated) – Jeff, Chair
    • Conference Committee (bylaw mandated) – needs a Chair
    • Regional Outreach Committee (ad hoc) – Ellen Metzger & Julie Monet?
    • GSA and/or AGU Education rep (ex officio) - ?
    • NSTA preservice teacher division rep (ex officio) – Eric Pyle?
    • Other committees or ex officio board members?
  2. TED involvement with NAGT initiatives (Heather)
    • Earth Educators Rendezvous (June, 2015) – how can we be involved?
    • NGSS workshop/webinar with Aida Awad and Susan Buhr Sullivan – moving this forward
  3. Collaboration with InTeGrate on web resources to support teacher preparation and NGSS implementation (Anne Egger)
  4. Building our identity and presence – actions needed to build our web presence and communication with/between members (Heather)
  5. Open discussion (Heather)
    • Action items and next steps – what do we want to prioritize in the coming year?