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Teach the Earth

A premier web portal with an average of 142,000 monthly pageviews and your advertisements on 6,000 pages of web content.

Teach the Earth supports teaching and learning about the Earth by providing online resources for educators in the geosciences and related fields. Featuring nearly 5,000 classroom activities, the portal includes the contributions of nearly 10,000 educators from over 900 institutions. The Teach the Earth portal is managed by NAGT for the benefit of all geoscience educators.


Nagt.org receives an average of 225,000 pageviews annually, or 18,750 pageviews per month.

The National Association of Geoscience Teachers works to foster improvement in the teaching of Earth sciences at all levels of formal and informal instruction, to emphasize the cultural significance of Earth sciences, and to disseminate knowledge in this field to the general public. The Association's website, nagt.org, is a hub and home base for a vibrant and highly engaged community committed to Earth education. Resources hosted on the website include webinars, news, professional development opportunities, award opportunities and announcements, resources for teachers, resources for geoscience departments, publications, and more.

Featured Sponsors

In addition to standard web advertising, NAGT pursues sponsorship for meetings and conferences, as well as corporate sponsors. NAGT offers various sponsorship options to organizations whose products and services support the mission of NAGT, provide information to NAGT members, and/or enhance the objective of NAGT programming.

Featured Sponsors are able to receive excellent visibility among NAGT's audience while also generating non-dues and non-registration revenue that helps NAGT meet the cost of producing innovative, award-winning educational programs and events. Featured Sponsors receive a hyperlinked logo on the front page of nagt.org for one full year.

Media Kit

To learn more about advertising with Teach the Earth or Nagt.org, view the downloadable Web Advertising Media Kit (Acrobat (PDF) 16.5MB Mar7 18).