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NAGT Council

Note: The National Officers of the Association and the immediate Past-President (i.e. the Executive Committee), the President (or his/her representative) from each regional Section and Division, Official Representatives to other geoscience associations shall constitute the Council of the Association. The Council is advisory in function. It shall make recommendations regarding policy, and shall review activities of the Association at least once a year.

In addition to the NAGT Executive Committee, the following are members of the 2018 Council:

Section Presidents/Vice Presidents:

Central President: Alexa Sedlacek, Kelsey M. Arkle
Eastern President: Jason Petula, Mike O'Donnell
Far Western President: Winnie Kortemeier, Brigitte Dillet
Midcontinent: Aida Farough, Michael DeAngelis
New England President: Tarin Weiss Melissa Lombard
North Central President: currently inactive
Pacific Northwest President: Frank Hladky, Hillary Goodner
Southeastern President: Frank Forcino
Southwest: currently inactive
Texas: currently inactive

Division Presidents/Vice Presidents:

2YC Division President: Joy Branlund, Jackie Hams
GER Division President: Katherine Ryker, Kelsey Bitting
TED Division President: Eric Pyle, Laura Hollister

NAGT Committee & Award Chairs:

NAGT Award Committee Chairs:

James H. Shea Award Chair: Andy Buddington
Dottie Stout Grant Chair: Ben Wolf
Field Camp Scholarship Chair: Lydia Fox
OEST Award National Chair: Mike Passow
Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award Chair: Jeff Niemitz

NAGT Program Committee Chairs:

NAGT Professional Development Planning Committee Chair: Rachel Beane
NAGT/USGS Program Coordinator: Kurtis Burmeister

Official Representatives (to other geoscience associations):