Vertical view of inchannel mining and bar pit capture with graphics (narrated)

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Vertical view of inchannel mining and bar pit capture with graphics (narrated)
Early in the clip the channel thalweg is mined, producing a strong headcut (denoted by an arrow) that migrates upstream. As sediment continuity is disrupted we see incision downstream of the pit as well. As the clip progresses, not the formation of terraces on the point bar at bottom left. At 0:47 a pit is excavated in the large terrace/bar at the center of the frame. As the channel captures this pit, we again see a headcut migrate upstream and further incision. As the channel adjusts, note that the surfaces at the bottom center of the frame, which were formerly at bed level, become terraces as the main channel incises. At the end of the clip the channel is forming a new equilibrium form within terraces on each side. (Video with narration)

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