Cathy Manduca

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

Carleton College

I am Director of the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College where I am involved in a variety of projects that support improvements in undergraduate education and geoscience education (K-gray). My work includes organizing workshops and other activities for faculty and educators of all types, developing web-resources that link teaching resources, pedagogy and discussion, and researching learning by geoscientists, faculty and students. Topics of focus include bringing research results on teaching and learning into broader use in the geosciences, understanding geoscience expertise, and building strong geoscience departments. Much of this work contributes to the National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT), and the National Science Digital Library (NSDL).

Currently, I serve on the AGU Outreach Committee, the Education Committee of the American Institute of Physics, the National Numeracy Network Board of Directors, and the advisory board for Gifted and Talented Education programs in my local school district. I am also the Executive Director of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers.

I remain very interested in the petrologic and structural evolution of western Idaho and its implications for the growth of continental crust, as well as the interactions between policy and geology required to maintain a clean water supply for Olmsted County, MN.

Project Leader, Workshop Leader and Participant, Website Contributor

Project Leader

Synthesis of Research on Thinking and Learning in the Geosciences part of Research on Learning:Synthesis Study
This project synthesizes existing knowledge and articulates unanswered questions in critical areas of research on cognition and learning relevant to the Geosciences.

Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience part of Starting Point-Teaching Entry Level Geoscience
This site is designed to help faculty and graduate students learn about instructional methods for teaching undergraduate entry-level geoscience, environmental science, or related courses.

Research on Learning in the Geosciences part of Research on Learning
This site has many important lessons that can improve teaching in the geosciences and brings together resources for faculty, teachers and curriculum developers working in the geosciences including

DLESE Community Services Center part of DLESE Community Services
The Digital Library for Earth Science Education Community Service Center seeks to increase and diversify the current resource user and contributor base, improve the ability of users and contributors to easily find, adapt, and effectively use high quality digital resources.

Website Content Contributions

Essays (7)

What could the President do? part of Earth and Mind:Posts
How could the President help improve our ability to teach undergraduates? By helping the nation understand that teaching is a sophisticated skill, by encouraging colleges and universities to support their faculty ...

Geoscience Departments at Risk part of Earth and Mind:Posts
Strategies for making your department an invaluable asset to your institution

Writers are Made not Born part of Earth and Mind:Posts
Thoughts on improving geoscience students writing skills

Systems Thinking part of Earth and Mind:Posts
Tom Friedman's recent article shows the importance of a systems approach to our society. Teaching this approach is one of our most important contributions to students education.

A Well Graded Trail part of Earth and Mind:Posts
Thoughts on structuring work on both short and long time scales to increase productivity and avoid burn out.

By Way of Introduction part of Earth and Mind:Posts
What Cathy plans to talk about in her posts and a few rules for engagement.

Self-Reflections from the Field: Pressure Release Thinking part of Earth and Mind:Posts
On the value of pressure-release thinking and serendiptiy time in supporting a creative professional life.

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Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN) Pathway part of CLN:Climate Change Education Projects National Science Foundation

Cathryn Manduca part of Reconsidering the Textbook:Participant Profiles
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Member of the National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Workshop Leader (76 workshops)

ITG Coastal Hazards, Risk, and Environmental Justice Workshop
May 2015
NGSS Webinar: Needs and Call to Action
April 2015
ITG Scaling Up to Program Scale at 2YC webinar
March 2015
Risk and Resilience Workshop 2014
May 2014
Getting the Most out of Your Intro Courses 2014
March 2014
InTeGrate Broadening Access Workshop
February 2014
ITG Geoscience and the 21st Century Workforce
June 2013
Teaching Environmental Justice: Interdisciplinary Approaches
April 2013
March 6-8 2013 InTeGrate Engineering Workshop
March 2013
InTeGrate Sustainability Courses Workshop July 2012
July 2012
ITG Teaching the Methods of Geoscience workshop 2012
June 2012
Teaching Environmental Geology 2012
June 2012
Programs that Bring Together Geoscience and Sustainability Workshop, 2012
May 2012
Spring 2012 Workshop
March 2012
Teaching About Time Workshop 2012
February 2012
Temporal Learning Journal Club 2011
January 2011
2010 AGU Heads and Chairs Workshop
December 2010
Teaching About Earth's Climate Using Data and Numerical Models
October 2010
Climate Change 2010
August 2010
2010 Workshop: Teaching Geoscience Online
June 2010
Developing Student Understanding of Complex Systems in the Geosciences
April 2010
Understanding the Deep Earth
February 2010
Teaching Service Learning in the Geosciences
February 2010
Developing Modules for Teaching Economics
October 2009
Developing Modules for Teaching Economics
October 2009
Broadening Access to STEM Workshop
June 2009
Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges Workshop 2009
June 2009
Strengthening Your Geoscience Program
June 2009
Using MARGINS Data in your Classroom
May 2009
Energy Workshop 2009
May 2009
Developing Modules for Teaching Economics
April 2009
Assessing Geoscience Programs: Theory and Practice
February 2009
Introductory Courses Workshop AGU 2008
December 2008
The Role of Metacognition in Teaching Geoscience
November 2008
Hurricane-Climate Change Connection 2008
October 2008
Developing Strategies for the Assessment of Quantitative Reasoning
October 2008
Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges Workshop 2008
July 2008
Introductory Courses 2008
July 2008
Climate Change 2008
June 2008
Writing with Numbers Workshop
May 2008
Developing Civil Action Assessment Instruments 2008
May 2008
Online Games 2008
April 2008
New Geoscience Tools 2008
February 2008
Career Development: Strategic Persuasion Dec 2007
December 2007
Teaching Genomics at Small Colleges Workshop 2007
July 2007
Teacher Preparation Workshop 2007
May 2007
Connecting Geoscience Departments to the Future of Science
April 2007
Early Earth 2007
April 2007
Bringing MARGINS Science to the Classroom
April 2007
Affective Domain 2007
February 2007
The Role of Departments in Preparing Future Geoscience Professionals
January 2007
Career Prep '06
July 2006
Infusing Quantitative Literacy into Introductory Geoscience Courses Workshop
June 2006
June 2006
Reconsidering the "Textbook"
May 2006
Improving the Quantitative Training of Earth Science Graduate Students
February 2006
Career Prep '05
July 2005
Ocean System 2005
July 2005
Quantitative Skills 2005
June 2005
Geochemistry 2005
May 2005
Student Learning: Observing and Assessing 2005
May 2005
Developing Pathways to Strong Departments for the Future Workshop
February 2005
Teaching with Visualizations - AGU
December 2004
Career Prep '04
July 2004
Quantitative Skills 2004
July 2004
Early Career '04
June 2004
Using Data in the Classroom Workshop 2004
May 2004
Visualization Workshop 2004
February 2004
Teaching Petrology
July 2003
Teacher Preparation '03
May 2003
Web-based Resources 2003
February 2003
Data, Simulations, and Models Workshop 2002
December 2002
Course Design '02
July 2002
Quantitative Skills 2002
July 2002
Research on Learning
ITG Teacher Preparation Module Development Meeting

Workshop Participant (4 workshops)