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Traveling Workshops Program Application

Please use this form to apply to bring one of NAGT's Traveling Workshops to your department, institution, or program. Educational organizations of many kinds can apply on the strengthening courses track. Degree-granting academic departments can apply on the strengthening departments track or a combination of the two. If your application is accepted, you will work with the workshop facilitator(s) to develop the agenda for your workshop.

There are two application deadlines per academic year:

  • March 15 for Fall workshops, October 15 for Spring/Summer workshops.

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application within approximately 3 weeks after each application deadline. Due to the time it takes to plan a workshop tailored to your needs, workshops should be scheduled two months or more after an application deadline.

Note: You need to complete this form in one sitting. After finishing, please press the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If you leave this page before hitting Submit, any information you have entered will be lost.

Contact Information

Workshop Format

What topics do you wish to cover in your workshop? Courses workshops should pick 1 or 2 sessions for Half- or Whole-day workshops, respectively. Departments Workshops should indicate interest in 1 or 2 elective sessions. In both cases, the final workshop agenda will be negotiated between the facilitators and the host department.

If you are applying for a combination workshop, you may choose 1 or 2 topics (total) from either workshop type.

Courses Track

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Departments Track

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Expected audiences (check all that apply)

Other Questions

Host Agreement

By completing this application, we certify that if the Department/Institution/Organization is selected to host a workshop, we will meet the expectations outlined by the program for the type of workshop that we have requested.