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Workshop Process: Building Stronger Courses

Apply for a Workshop

Application Deadlines for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Application and Selection Criteria

Host institutions or groups must be engaged in geoscience education and be in a position to benefit from a visiting NAGT workshop. However, many potential workshop topics are broadly applicable beyond the geosciences. Broadening participation can be a mechanism for bringing together 30 participants and sharing across disciplines.

Applications will be selected based on the potential impact of the workshop and the match between workshop goals as articulated in the application and our program's strengths. We will give preference to applications where there is strong participation of the hosting group in NAGT as indicated by membership in the organization. Only one workshop application per institution or department per year can be approved.

Expectations of Selected Workshops

Before the Workshop

After an application has been submitted, the Program Coordinator will send an email notification to the preferred facilitator. This notification will include the host institution/department's goals and scheduling preferences.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving your request the Program Coordinator will notify you of the status of your request. If the facilitator is available, the host will then be responsible for contacting them and planning the visit. Please inform the Program Coordinator of the dates for the visit after the schedule is finalized.

To assist in advertising the workshop you may use our speaker announcement template. (PowerPoint 64kB Jun20 14) Feel free to customize the design and details to suit your needs.

During the Workshop

Please encourage participants to join NAGT. The Traveling Workshops Program is made possible in part by NAGT membership dues. The larger our membership, the more activities we can sponsor. To assist in spreading the word about NAGT we will send 20 copies of our NAGT membership brochure. (Acrobat (PDF) 580kB Jun20 14) Please contact Erica Zweifel (ezweifel AT carleton. edu) if you would like any additional information about NAGT or additional copies of the brochure.

Other Details:

Following the Workshop

NAGT invests heavily in the Traveling Workshops Program and it is important to us to know how the visits are working. Therefore we ask that you please complete an on-line evaluation after the workshop concludes.

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